A4549Fec34Cc65Joe Matt is back! Who? Newcomers to this wonderful world of comics may not be familiar with Matt, as his new issue of PEEPSHOW #14 is the first in five years. You’ll quickly get up to speed with Matt’s unique blend of masturbation, pornography addiction and thriftiness. :

After a nearly 5 year absence from comics, Joe Matt returns with his funniest, and possibly best issue of Peepshow yet. This issue is the conclusion of a four issue story arc that documents Joe’s obsessive “editingâ€? of porn videos. Days go by where Joe never leaves his room, so that all of his quality time can be spent creating just the right scenes, where all the guys’ faces have been deleted from the final cut to make one “flawlessly editedâ€? compilation. This is Joe Matt at his lowest ebb, a harrowing and yet still darkly funny portrait of an artist as misanthropic porn fiend.

Five years to finish a four issue storyline? Who do you think you are, Joe Matt? Damon Lindelof?


  1. I really hope he got some help because after reading this issue it’s painfully obvious that he was preoccupied for those 5 years.

    I liked a lot of it but scratched my head at the end, having to read the letter column to figure out it was, indeed, the end of this arc.