1. It’s all worth it for the scene of Peter ripping the black costume off in the bell tower. I don’t know if they plan on incorporating the bells into the storyline, or if they’re just using it as a dramatic backdrop, but as a drooling McFarlane-era Spider-Man fan, that made me smile. Big time.

    Oh, and I’m a complete sucker for that kind of movie trailer music.

  2. Definitely bitchen. My one gripe, and I hope to hell they give a better justification for it in the movie, is the whole “Sandman killed Uncle Ben” throwaway. No, it was gambling debts! No, a time-traveling Spidey! Sorry, my bad, Richard and Mary Parker killed him because he was going to tell Peter about Trouble.

    I’ve gone way too obscure, haven’t I?

  3. yo i got news that ther introducing venom at the end of this new spiderman…wich sucks cause toby is only singed on for 3 spiderman movies!

  4. I may a silly aging fanboy(55), but this trailer left me thrilled!! I love the way that these movies have payed homage to the original Ditko look The Sandman, like Doc Ock in the previous film, looks like he jumped right off those long-ago pages. Like the Ultimate series of comics ithe movies gives older fans all the right “notes”, key visuals etc, but tells an exciting remixed modern version of the Spider-Man. And dare I say it, this one , judging from the trailer, may be a sequel that outdoes its predecessers.