Diamond Kids Group launches

Pow! Sock! Comics are for kids! PW Children’s Bookshelf has the scoop on Diamond’s new initiative to bridge the gap for comics aimed at kids: Diamond Book Distributors, the book trade affiliate of Diamond Comics Distributors, is launching a new children’s comics and books division, and has hired Scholastic editor-at-large Janna Morishima to direct the […]

SNAP! This weekend

This Saturday another cool and groovy indie comics fest will be held, this time the SNAP! fest in Dearborn. Organized by the fine folks at Green Brain Comics, guests include Matt Feazell, Suzanne Baumann, David Petersen, Jim Ottaviani and more. the opening night party is Friday at Green Brain. Have fun without us! Saturday November […]

Cartoon America opens today

Well if 2006 wasn’t already the Year of the Comics, a big show is opening today at the Library of Congress: “Cartoon America”: “Cartoon America: Highlights from the Art Wood Collection of Cartoon and Caricatureâ€? will open at the Library of Congress on Thursday, Nov. 2, in the Great Hall of the Thomas Jefferson Building, […]

Boys and girls….different?

TheManganews forum picks up debates on whether the strict, audience-defined Japanese genres of manga are really useful outside of Japan: The debate in the staff started a few days ago, when anitra saw the press release for Sweatdrops Studio (the one about anthology for boys = blue, girls = pink), and was a little unhappy […]

Atomic Comics in Mesa smashed then flooded

On Halloween, Atomic Comics in Mesa, AZ was the victim of a car smashing through the front window, and hit a water main, causing extreme damage…or as owner Mike Malve explains: Tuesday morning at 9am about an hour before the store opens a 16 year old girl with her 19 year old boyfriend drove there […]

New York Comic-Con — sold out

Newsarama interviews Greg Topalian, the head honcho of the New York Comic-Con (and one of our advertisers) and space atthe show is already all gone. NRAMA: So you went into the new space with…what, faith that you could sell it? Doubling your space – especially in New York is a risky gamble… GT: Right. It […]

Children think Batman thinks Robin doesn’t exist

A study to determine relative cognitive ability of children and grown-ups examines the relative levels of fantasy and reality that can be perceived. Many graphs and charts in the link, but the bottom line may be very bad indeed for Robin: While kids and adults are largely in agreement about reality/fantasy and fantasy/fantasy, believing that […]


ComiPress reports that IRON WOK JAN creator Shinji Saijyo has a new Iron Wok Jan serial beginning! A new Iron Wok Jan manga from Shinji Saijyo will begin serialization in Weekly Shonen Champion No.50, on sale 11/9. The new series will be titled “Iron Wok Jan: Summit Battle“ Oh joy!

Vess’s movie mural

Few things are more pleasurable in life that looking at drawings by Charles Vess. On his blog, Vess reports he’s working on a mural for the local cinema and posts some lovely pencil sketches of character team-ups you never expected to see. I’ve designed a 14 x 200 ft mural that is being completed as […]

French politics play hardball with comic book

It seems America is not the only country where hot and trendy media are being used to get the message across. In France, presidential candidate Nicolas Sarkozy is the subject of a less-than-flattering comic book profile: In a French presidential race where candidates are ridiculed for their looks, height or appearance in swimwear, the interior […]