Newsarama interviews Greg Topalian, the head honcho of the New York Comic-Con (and one of our advertisers) and space atthe show is already all gone.

NRAMA: So you went into the new space with…what, faith that you could sell it? Doubling your space – especially in New York is a risky gamble…

GT: Right. It sounded crazy at first, but now, we’re five months out, and it’s all gone. The space is gone. We’re sold out. Exhibitor and retailer. Up until this week, there were a smattering of booths left, but they’re all spoken for. So, unless we can get more space, or somebody drops out, we’ve got what we’ve got for the show. We’ve got a wait list that’s growing all the time.

So definitely, that prepares you to say that year two will be a lot better. But like you said, now we’re wondering about how year three will be – it’s got to get bigger; it’s got to get more impressive. It has to deliver something extra for the fans.

More in the link. Based on everything we’re hearing, the 2007 will be almost as crazy as last year’s, but there’s more preparation for it.