Cinemall-Mural-BFew things are more pleasurable in life that looking at drawings by Charles Vess. On his blog, Vess reports he’s working on a mural for the local cinema and posts some lovely pencil sketches of character team-ups you never expected to see.

I’ve designed a 14 x 200 ft mural that is being completed as a community wide art project on the walls of our neighborhood cinema. The same cinema I might add, where there will be a regional, gala premier of the Stardust movie with all proceeds going to various charities. So right now Pat Jessee, a local arts adminstrator, and her crack team of artists (young and old, short and tall, etc.) are transfering my drawing of various characters out of the past 100 or so years of (mostly) animated films up onto the exterior walls of the Abingdon CineMall.


  1. I might add to this that all © and tm information will be prominently displayed under each appropriate character.

    It WAS fun drawing all those characters, especially the H. Miyazaki ones. I love his work!


  2. I also flashed back to the daycare mural incident. I hope the copyright info will be enough to keep the slavering maws of corporate lawyers at bay; they might be eyeballing some of that upcoming STARDUST money.