Do you need a mammogram?

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CANCER VIXEN author Marissa Acocello Marchetto is sponsoring a day of FREE mammograms tomorrow and hopes some women artists will sign up. That’s pretty freaking awesome. Let’s do it, girls.

Hello Kitty and Blue’s Clues to mate, spawn

An exciting new retail venture will unite two of the world’s most recognizable critters:

Blue’s Clues, a hit U.S. cartoon series about the adventures of a blue puppy, needs the help of a little kitty to make it in Japan.
U.S. media conglomerate Viacom and Japan’s Sanrio Co., owner of the popular Hello Kitty character, have tied up to promote Blue’s Clues merchandise in the world’s No. 2 retail market.

Sanrio and Viacom, whose Nickelodeon unit controls the Blue’s Clues property, plan to develop a limited edition product line combining the two characters for sale at select retailers from next spring.

BTW, we are now the #1 referral on Google for “Disney s*x tape,” and have noticed people from Turkey to Norway to Indiana finding the Beat via that search, so don’t tell us you people don’t love this furry shit.

Ten Most Powerful people in manga

Yesterday, ICv2 published a list of the Top Ten Most Powerful people in Manga, gleaned from interviews with other industry figures. Here’s the power list:

1. Kurt Hassler, Graphic Novel Buyer, Borders Group
2. Hidemi Fukuhara, Chief Executive Officer, Viz Media
3. Stuart Levy, Founder, CEO, Chief Creative Officer Tokyopop
4. Dallas Middaugh, Associate Publisher of Manga, Del Rey
5. Jim Killen, Graphic Novel Buyer, Barnes & Noble
6. Mike Richardson, CEO & Publisher, Dark Horse
7. Mike Kiley, Publisher, Tokyopop
8. Yumi Hoashi, EIC & VP of Magazine Division, Viz Media
9. Hikaru Sasahara, CEO, Digital Manga Publishing
10. Masashi Kishimoto, Creator of Naruto

No surprises there, although there has been much discussion in the manga blogoverse. Mangacast has lists from David Welsh and David Taylor among others which dwell more on various personnel from manga publishers.

Hassler’s spot at the top in particular could have been predicted. As a manga-ka himself (Tokyopop’s SOKORA REFUGEES, written under the name “Segamu”) he knows the manga business very well, and has a very hard line about what he will and won’t order for Borders. Spend time in a casual setting with any publisher and we guarantee the phrase “Kurt Hassler won’t carry it!” will be heard.

New graphic novel due from Mina

Denise Mina, the mystery writer who turned to comics with a stint on HELLBLAZER is the latest book author to write a graphic novel, according to an interview in CBR. Vertigo will publisher A SICKNESS IN THE FAMILY, with art by Antonio Fuso.

“Sickness” was born out of Mina’s meditations on the idea of inheritance. “I was thinking about King Lear and inheritance,” Mina said. “Most people who do have an inheritance are depending on the sale of a house at a time when the parents are often unable to look after the house. It makes for tense times.”

In “Sickness,” it’s a close knit Glasgow based family that is having a tense time over a house. “They are a large family with a mum and dad – Ted and Biddy, three kids – Amy, Sam and William, and a Gran, Martha. Also neighbors Kerr Gibb and Darota,” Mina explained. “They are a close family and can’t get away from each other because they all have flaws that mean they are afraid to leave the house.”

[snip]Like her “Hellblazer” stories “A Sickness in the Family” is a crime story with supernatural elements, but it’s also a tragedy in that’s its cast of characters are basically good people who are driven to do some very bad things.

Neal Adams makes Bucky O’Hare movie

200610191121Neal Adams is joining the ‘tooner to auteur crowd with a planned adaptation of his own Bucky O’Hare comic:

Newly-formed production company Buzzworthy, from comic book writer Neal Adams, has picked up the CGI-animated comedy, Bucky O’Hare.

Adams will be directing and producing the film, written by Larry Hama; The Hollywood Reporter notes it’s based on Adams’ 1980’s comic book series. The story centers on a green anthropomorphic hare who, with a crew of other mammals including one boy, battles toads in an intergalactic war.

Production for Bucky O’Hare is set for a quick start.

“Quick start”? Okay!

RIP Miriam Engelberg

200610191112Miriam Engelberg who became a first time graphic novelist this year with CANCER MADE ME A SHALLOWER PERSON has died at age 48 of breast cancer.:

“I’d be telling a friend something upsetting about the latest twist and turn in my cancer saga, but as the words came out of my mouth they would turn into something absurd and we’d both end up laughing,â€? she wrote.

Before she was diagnosed in 2001, she worked for a San Francisco nonprofit called Compass Point doing computer work, and published a comic book, “Planet 501c3,â€? about the nonprofit world. She had no formal drawing training, and her style was basic; the book is in black and white.

“I started doing this before I was diagnosed with cancer,â€? she told the AP. “I started doing cartoons when my son was a baby to relieve stress. I wrote the first one about waiting to hear about the results from my mammogram. It just came out of that.â€?

As she finished her book, she thought she had a happy ending: a successful round of radiation and chemotherapy. But then she got the news that the cancer was spreading. She decided to add a few panels about it.

Fresh Faces of SPX ’06

There are about 8 gajillion SPX photo sets up on the web, but we wanted to spotlight the first time exhibitors. We usually go around taking pictures of our pals, but this time we took pictures of perfect strangers — with the result that we don’t know who half of these photos are! We got business card for everyone, but lost half of them (ert!) so we enlist the group mind in Id’ing the culprits.

Jillian Tamaki’s GILDED LILLIES got some buzz going. Jillian is best known as an illustrator for places like THE NEW YORKER, but she’s getting an increasing amount of comics work.
[Read more…]

Chemistry Set goes Film

The webcomics collective The CHemistry set has released their very own trailer/teaser:

But that’s not all, they’re also teaming with the FALLING SHORT film showcase:

Online comics collective THE CHEMISTRY SET is pleased to announce their affiliation with the FALLING SHORT film showcase, a bi-monthly screening of short films presented in New York City, home to several CHEMISTRY SET members. FALLING SHORT is a bi-monthly program of independently produced short films by up-and-coming directors from across the United States.

“The art of film and the art of comics aren’t so far apart on the creative spectrum, and this is a unique opportunity to support other independent artists and reach potential readers who wouldn’t normally seek out comics on their own,” says CHEMISTRY SET member Kevin Colden.

THE CHEMISTRY SET will lend promotional support to the film showcase alongside Mighty Healthy NYC, a streetwear clothing line, Nature Sounds, a Brooklyn-based record label, and Three21 Media, whose CEO Rik Cordero is programming the event. A trailer for THE CHEMISTRY SET, which will be featured at the showcase, can be found here:

Hi-res video:


DATE: Wednesday, October 25 2006
TIME: Doors open 7:00pm
PLACE: Novo (290 Hudson St. btwn Spring & Dominic)
FILM CURATOR: Rik Cordero (Three/21 Films)
MUSIC: Mad Ryan (MH) | Reason (Nature Sounds)
CONTACT: Rik Cordero 917 696 6437 (Three/21 Films) / Ray Mate 516 972
2517 (Mighty Healthy)

Fantagraphics storefront!

Fantagraphics is taking the unheard of step for an indie comics publisher of opening their own store! And it opens this Saturday. The announcement from Eric Reynolds is below.

We have some exciting news for any of you who live or plan to visit the great Pacific Northwest. This weekend in the happenin’ Seattle neighborhood of Georgetown, we are doing something we’ve wanted to do for years. We’re opening our own Fantagraphics storefront, to be simply called FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS.

The store opens this Saturday, Oct. 21. This will be what those in the business call a “soft” opening. The doors will be open and our entire catalog — plus other surprises — will be available for sale.

We will continue to fine-tune the store and will really roll out all the stops beginning in November, with a grand opening event in early December. Stay tuned for details. What we can tell you now: The store will contain everything Fantagraphics has in print (as well as Eros Comix), and will also house our soon-to-be-legendary DAMAGED ROOM, featuring heavily discounted and often out-of-print books unavailable anywhere else.

The space also has room for art exhibitions, which we’ll have more news about very soon.

Be sure to check out FLOG!: The Fantagraphics Blog for more information later this week, including pictures. And then stay tuned for a lot of great shows and events to come in 2007. In other words, start making your Seattle vacation plans NOW, and if you have friends in Seattle that might be interested, please pass on the news.

Here’s the 911:

1201 South Vale Street
Seattle, WA 98108
Mon. – Sat 11:30 – 8
Sun 11:30 – 5

Thanks for your time,
Your friends at Fantagraphics Books

To Do October 19-22

Yes, we were a little late this week…writing those long essays takes TIME, we tells you.

 Wp-Content Uploads 2006 10 Sidparty
• Brooklyn, NY, 8 pm — Sidescrollers release party

Come on out and get Sidescrollers signed by Oni Press’s newest comic star Matthew Loux! It’s at Book Court, a very cool bookstore in the Downtown Brooklyn/Cobble Hill area.
Book Court 163 Court St. between Pacific and Dean St.
nearest to the 4/5 Borough Hall station or the F/G Bergen St. station.
The event starts at 8pm.
This event was listed as a “Best Bet” in this week’s Brooklyn 24/7 Magazine! Come and see what the fuss is all about!

• New York, NY, 7 pm
Jenny Allen & Jules Feiffer sign The Long Chalkboard: And Other Stories
Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Union Square, 33 East 17th Street, 212-253-0810


•Madison, WI — 12:30-4:00 Wisconsin Book Festival
Events include live interviews with Chris Ware and Marjane Satrapi
WPR Live: Onstage Interviews for To The Best of Our Knowledge
Saturday, October 21 12:30 – 4:00 PM
Venue: Memorial Union Theater
Presenter(s): Ted Kooser, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Andrew Sullivan, Brian Mann, Marjane Satrapi, Chris Ware

Join Jim Fleming, Steve Paulson, and Anne Strainchamps of Wisconsin Public Radio’s Peabody Award-winning national program To the Best of Our Knowledge for a special on-stage multi-interview event. The first of three compelling segments will feature former US Poet Laureate Ted Kooser and “alternative poet laureate” Linton Kwesi Johnson; the second pairs conservative pundit Andrew Sullivan with NPR commentator Brian Mann in a discussion of the American political landscape; and the third showcases master graphic novelists (and old friends) Marjane Satrapi and Chris Ware. Sean Michael Dargan and his band will provide live musical interludes, and the show will be recorded for future broadcast on To the Best of Our Knowledge.

 Users Heidimac-1 Library Application-Support Ecto Attachments  Events Archives Melzombie13Thanni
• Los Angeles, CA — Meltdown 13th Anniversary party

In honor of this triskadektauspicious occasion we shall hold a COSTUME CONTEST (7:30 p.m.) and a NERD WAR (8:00 p.m.)

What is a NERD WAR? A game show, friend, in which your skills and trivial knowledge are put to the test against your brethren resulting in the distribution of FABULOUS PRIZES worth many AMERICAN DOLLARS!

Our NERD WAR is hosted by those geek gods RENFIELD and the evening ends in a FREE SHOW from those fine fools! Free drinks, booze and delicacies for all. Registration for the Costume Contest and Nerd War begins at 6:30 p.m. Join us for an evening of fun and frolic, won’t you?


•Toronto, ON, 3 pm – Depuy and Berberian

With generous support from the French Consulate here in Canada, Dupuy & Berberian will be making rare english-speaking appearances in Toronto and Montreal. (Well, Charles will be speaking english, Philippe will have a translator.) In Toronto on Saturday, October 21st at 3PM, D&B are special guests of the grand literary event IFOA where they will be interviewed by Seth. In Montreal, on Tuesday, October 24th from 6-8:00 PM, D+B will be at Casa Del Popolo (4873 St Laurent) and will interviewed by Dimitri Katadotis of the CBC.

•Toronto, ON 5 pm: Jaime Hernandez
Studio Theatre

Jamie Hernandez’s life’s work is the comic book Love & Rockets, a collaborative ongoing series that has become nearly synonymous with alternative comics. His graphic novel Locas collected more than 10 years of his stories from L&R into an irresistable and acclaimed single graphic novel. Hernandez will be interviewed by film and television director Jerry Ciccoritti about his newest graphic novel, Ghost of Hoppers.

• Lynwood, WA 6 pm: Scott Kurtz and Tycho & Gabe and charity poker at THE COMICS STOP
3333 184th St SW, Suite G, Lynnwood, WA 98037, Check link for more info

Beginning at 6:00pm, Scott Kurtz and Gabe & Tycho will begin signing and sketching for fans. Kurtz has been publishing PvP through Image Comics for over three years, while the guys from Penny Arcade have just debuted their second graphic novel through Dark Horse Comics. For those who don’t bring their own, all the PvP and Penny Arcade graphic novels will be available for purchase at the store.

At 9:00pm, the charity event begins.

The Comic Stop has teamed up with Child’s Play, an organization which helps put video games and systems into hospitals, to host a charity poker tournament, featuring your chance to play poker alongside Kurtz, Gabe, Tycho and others!