200610191121Neal Adams is joining the ‘tooner to auteur crowd with a planned adaptation of his own Bucky O’Hare comic:

Newly-formed production company Buzzworthy, from comic book writer Neal Adams, has picked up the CGI-animated comedy, Bucky O’Hare.

Adams will be directing and producing the film, written by Larry Hama; The Hollywood Reporter notes it’s based on Adams’ 1980’s comic book series. The story centers on a green anthropomorphic hare who, with a crew of other mammals including one boy, battles toads in an intergalactic war.

Production for Bucky O’Hare is set for a quick start.

“Quick start”? Okay!


  1. What exactly did Neal Adams do on Bucky O’Hare to make it his own?

    According to my copy of the graphic novel, he was the publisher…and that’s it.

  2. Perhaps being publisher, there was an agreement that he was allowed to do this? But if I remember correctly, Bucky was created by Larry Hama and Michael Golden.

  3. Charles Vess is right. Michael Golden’s artwork was the only real reason to buy the original comics. The closer the new “film” adheres to Golden’s designs for the “Bucky O’Hare” universe, the better it’ll be.

  4. GOLDEN was the ONLY reason I bought the comic.
    Hell…his design work was the only reason I have the VIDEO GAME!

    But, then…to be fair, I bought a metric TON of things I wouldn’t normally, if Michael Golden’s name was attached to it.

    Not to slam Neil Adams but he has a bad habit of taking credit for what isn’t his.