Denise Mina, the mystery writer who turned to comics with a stint on HELLBLAZER is the latest book author to write a graphic novel, according to an interview in CBR. Vertigo will publisher A SICKNESS IN THE FAMILY, with art by Antonio Fuso.

“Sickness” was born out of Mina’s meditations on the idea of inheritance. “I was thinking about King Lear and inheritance,” Mina said. “Most people who do have an inheritance are depending on the sale of a house at a time when the parents are often unable to look after the house. It makes for tense times.”

In “Sickness,” it’s a close knit Glasgow based family that is having a tense time over a house. “They are a large family with a mum and dad – Ted and Biddy, three kids – Amy, Sam and William, and a Gran, Martha. Also neighbors Kerr Gibb and Darota,” Mina explained. “They are a close family and can’t get away from each other because they all have flaws that mean they are afraid to leave the house.”

[snip]Like her “Hellblazer” stories “A Sickness in the Family” is a crime story with supernatural elements, but it’s also a tragedy in that’s its cast of characters are basically good people who are driven to do some very bad things.