SPX debuts and booty EXTRAVAGANZA

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Whatcha gonna get at SPX? Most of the fun of the show is discovering limited edition treasures. This year’s show looks to spotlight a lot of up and coming talent, as they say. We snagged most of this from The TCJ thread on who’s going, but have condensed it into a rich, nourishing stock. A lot of the names are not familiar, but take a peek and see what catches your fancy for further exploration. We also direct you to Seqartwhich has a useful rundown of some of the artists to seek out at SPX.

YOU AIN’T NO DANCER Vol 2 looks to be one of the hot anthologies at the show with contributions from Neil Babra, Jeffrey Brown, Lilli Carré, K. Thor Jensen, Hope Larson, Liz Prince, Jeffrey Rowland and more. Check out the website with previews. It’s available at the New Reliable Press table.

THE MOTHER’S MOUTH by Dash Shaw comes highly recommended, and has our pick to be another one of the buzz books.

200610120058Ian Harker will have issues of DOPPELGANGER and OSLO.

Irrepressible K. Thos Jensen writes:

Sometimes I will be at the New Reliable table signing copies of YOU AIN’T NO DANCER #2! If Family Style has a table I might be there signing copies of ELFWORLD! I will probably stop by the House of Twelve table so you can get me to sign a copy of HEAVY METAL! Of course, the Alternative Comics table will have freebie giveaways to promote RED EYE, BLACK EYE, out from them in January! If BAM! is out I’m in that too. I will also have a cardboard box with copies of new and old work including KSOFM (new) DOGSJOURNAL (new) A SHORT AND HAPPY LIFE: ZEN AND THE ART OF YOUR MOTHER (ten year anniversary edition), EVIL VIDEO 4 (new), BATMAN: TRAPPED IN THE CLOSET, FEAR, UNHOLY 3, TEA, QUEER GASPERS and probably other surprises.

200610120048Rob Clough brings copies of Other, a culture magazine.

200610120049Sarah Beecon comes bearing “a new grant reynolds book and one of the xeric winners from last year,” namely Cathy Hannah’s OTHER BEARD and her own stuff.

Matt Loux debuts SIDESCROLLERS, and Abby Denson has Tough Love, Dolltopia, Night Club, pins, posters, and other goodies.

PictureBox is a must stop and will doubtless have one of the show’s buzz books with the the massive new Brian Chippendale book, NINJA. They also bring Cold Heat #2, The Drips by Taylor McKimens, and Wunderground, the catalog of Providence posters. According to Dan Nadel,

Brian Chippendale, Matthew Thurber, and Frank Santoro will be at the table. It’s Chippendale’s only comics-related appearance, so get him while you can.

Ninja is an 11 x 17, 144 page hardcover. It’s a mindblower from the Fort Thunder cofounder and Lightning Bolt drummer.

Fearsome and all-knowing, Craig Yoe brings his masterpieces Modern Arf and Arf Museum and a sure-to-bethrilling working print-out of the almost completed Arf Forum. We can’t wait!

200610120050The House of Twelve Gang is used to making noise, never backing down from a challenge and standing tall until the last beer is consumed. They bring their new jam comics, pictured, “our homage/parody of the shitty, yet classic animated film.” Not to be missed.

Ho12er Kevin Colden, in addition to pimping HEAVY METAL, brings a new edition of RED written by Elizabeth Genco, which sold out at MoCCA.

Hyphenate Lauren Weinstein brings Girl Stories, a new mini-comic entitled Becky and Friend, perhaps a silk screened poster with stuff from Calamity, T-shirts, and a new comic in the Comics! Comics! magazine.

200610120052Robin Bougie crawls into the new Cinema Sewer.

Aaron Gonzalez makes his SPX debut with a preview of his first book Broken Chain. He also offers free candy for you sweet tooths.

200610120104David King writes of the wonders of his table:

The four of us (Brunetti, Hankiewicz, King, Onsmith) put together an SPX EXCLUSIVE mini-comic doodle book, Bethesda is Latin for Stamina; It’s FREE. We’re also selling a limited litho print of the cover image that John H. is making.

Here’s the rundown:

1. John Hankiewicz will have his new book from Sparkplug Comics, Asthma, plus a new mini-comic with a litho cover, original etchings and lithos, and his most recent mini-comics.

2. Onsmith will have a big new silkscreen print of his art from An Anthology of Graphic Fiction, plus his most recent mini-comics, and more??

3. David King will have five new mini-comics: Reliable Comics; Vice-President, Shipping and Distribution; Danny Dutch in Sorry; Daredevil Pilot Jeff; and Homicide Detective. And his old stuff, too.

4. Ivan Brunetti will have An Anthology of Graphic Fiction and Todd Hignite’s In The Studio, which he’ll be signing, along with his limited edition doodle boxes. He may also have a new silkscreen if the dude gets it done in time.

Eric Kinsley brings his ART BOOK and gives this dire warning,
“Me and Paul Friedrich plus secret guest stars will be at the HellCar table again this year, with more Mickey Death, more Onion Head Monster, more bad jokes, practical jokes, strange smells and jet-lag. Come on by and mock me for moving to England. Wheee!”

Of course, what would a comics show be without The Wang, my mother’s favorite indie comic!

It also wouldn’t be SPX without Batton Lash and Jackie Estrada, making their 12th appearance behind the Exhibit A table. New issues: Supernatural Law #1 with a Silver Bullet and Supernatural Law #1 at the Box Office.

We never heard of Ansis Purins but he brings word of THE GNOME GATHERING via a mini comic available at the Global Hobo table and lists both Gary Panter and Tezuka among his influences, so we’ll be checking it out.

Neil Jam brings the eponymous Neil Jam #13

THE BLACK SHEEP comes from the pen of Frederick Noland

Oh no, BOY TROUBLE! Craig Bostick brings the reprint of the 1994 original:

Boy Trouble: Gay Boy Comics with a New Attitude emphasized personal stories and viewpoints outside the mainstream, with subject matter that ranged from sex, love, and longing to porn, drugs, and punk rock. The Book of Boy Trouble compiles the greatest hits from the zine’s first ten years, including favorites like Michael Fahy’s “Valentine’s Day Love Poem,” Andy Hartzell’s “Dinner at Achmed’s,” and Anonymous Boy’s “The Non-adventures of Wayne,” plus 24 pages of spanking new work from both regular contributors and up-and-coming talents.

200610120110Jeff Sharp writes, “Caesar IV will debut and can be yours for a mere $1. Caesar I is also back in print along with Caesar II, and Caesar III!”
Craig A. Taillefer brings the complete WAHOO MORRIS.

Marshall, MO update

Newsarama has the fullest account:

According to Zack Sims, Staff Writer for the Marshall-Democrat News, the meeting opened with the Board President, in her opening statement, suggesting that, in light of the recent developments, a committee be formed for write a formal “materials selection policyâ€? for the library, to determine the guidelines the library will use to select titles for its collection.

No public comment was heard or asked for, as it was noted that the meeting on October 4th served as the public’s time to comment on the issue, and last night’s meeting was a Library Board Meeting – albeit with more people than normal in attendance.

The proposal was agreed to unanimously, and until the policy has been written and adopted by the Board, the two books will remain out of circulation. After the policy is formed, the two books will be evaluated as to their suitableness for the library.

Reaction is mixed. Tom says it’s “a smart way to go about it.” One of our email correspondents suggests “So, essentially, the books have [been] banned, without saying it.”

It is a disappointing result for those who find the idea of branding BLANKETS as pornography ludicrous, but it’s hardly surprising. The public was 3 to 1 FOR the books being removed, after all, and as the Supreme Court said, “community standards” are part of the test of material which appeals to “prurient interest.”

The decision will come as no surprise to those who live outside the more liberal coastal beltways. On our one car trip to Missouri, we were struck by the number of billboards along side the road advertising DNA clinics, who seemed to be doing a booming business in paternity tests. There was even one with a picture of an adorable tot, and the memorable headline “Who’s my daddy?” Perhaps if the youth of Marshall, MO were more busily engaged by reading challenging material they would not spend so much time getting knocked up. Just a thought.


200610120212We picked up a news nugget from Charles Kochman of Abrams at the Quills the other night: Abrams will be publishing THE ART OF JAIME HERNANDEZ, and it’s just what it sounds like. Is your mouth watering yet? If not there’s more: the book will reprint all of the LA MAGGIE LA LOCA strip that ran in the New York Times. Okay, stop, stop, we’re sold.

UPDATE: We forgot to mention that the book will be written by the estimable Todd Hignite and designed by the awesome Art Chantry. Deal was brokered by Kitchen, Lind & Assoc.

(BTW, the above panel, which we found by random Googling, is also, randomly, one of our all-time favorite comic book panels. ¡Viva las mujeres!)

Marshall Library decision?

The Marshall, MO school library board voted last night on whether to keep shelving FUN HOME and BLANKETS. At our press time, Tom Spurgeon has word that the library voted “against shelving.” That’s a bit ambiguously worded, but the rest of Tom’s post makes it sound like the books were removed.

Earlier stories in the Marshall Democrat-News here and here.

We’ll update when everyone else does.

SPX: Drawn and Quarterly

The D&Q booth is always a hot spot at any show, but this year they have HUGE buzz books by three of the hotetst indie cartoonists. Get your copies before they are gone.

We will have the following new books on sale!

LUCKY by Gabrielle Bell
CURSES by Kevin Huizenga
MOOMIN by Tove Jansson
FALLEN ANGEL by Nicolas Robel

Previews of all books can be found at www.drawnandquarterly.com

Anders, Kevin and Gabrielle as well as Dan Zettwoch from D+Q SHOWCASE VOLUME FOUR will be in attendance, here is our signing and programming schedule:

Friday, October 13th:
3:00 – 5:00 Kevin Huizenga & Dan Zettwoch signing
5:00 – 7:00 Gabrielle Bell & Anders Nilsen signing

Saturday, October 14th:
12:00 – 1:00 Dan Zettwoch signing

1:00 – 3:00 Gabrielle Bell & Anders Nilsen signing

3:30-4:30 A panel discussion with Anders, Kevin and Gabrielle “How to Draw Thinking” from 3:30 to 4:30 on Saturday, in Brookside A. With moderator Isaac Cates, they will discuss the pleasures and problems of making pictures that think.

4:45 – 6:45 Kevin Huizenga signing

D+Q staffers Rebecca Rosen and Morgan Charles will be on hand to see that all goes well at tables #C14-16.

Don’t be shy! And stick around Saturday night for the Ignatz Awards where D+Q is up for several awards!

We were bummed to find out that Peggy Burns won’t be at the show, but happy to find out why: she is once again infanticipating. Congrats Peggy and Tom!

SPX: AdHouse schedule

More of the acts you need to make informed decisions about walking about a hotel room exhibition floor:

AdHouse Books will have the following creators hanging in our area (G14 – 16)…

J Chris Campbell
Joshua Cotter
Joel Priddy (Saturday only)
Paul Pope
Scott Morse (he’s next to us)

We’ll also have the following new stuff:

Project: Romantic… up for the debut Ignatz.
Exhibiting contributors will be receiving their copies, so support them, if you are so inclined.

A limited (200) edition Paul Pope poster

A limited (200) edition PULPHOPE ashcan

SPX: Chemistry Set

11 Todt-Hill
Members of the webcomicker collective The Chemistry Set will invade SPX with bold ideas and comics calculated to drive you mad. They also know how to suck up to bloggers..these kids are SMART.

Kevin Colden (TODT HILL) will be at table C7-8 with “House of Twelve’s Heavy Metal the Movie” and “RED”, a collaboration with fellow ChemSet member Elizabeth Genco (SCHEHEREZADE), who will be attending the show on Saturday, handing out free mini-zines.

Jim Dougan (VULTURE GULCH, COME THE DAWN) will be at table G8 with his comedy graphic novella CRAZY PAPERS and minicomics of recently published material from The Chemistry Set. Jim will be joined throughout the weekend by CRAZY PAPERS artist and GIRLS WITH SLINGSHOTS creator Danielle Corsetto.

Hyeondo Park (COME THE DAWN) will be at table W21 with his fellow School of Visual Arts alums Yali Lin, Pedro Camargo, and others. Hyeondo will be selling NEUROTICA 2, his king-sized not-so-minicomic that features the stories “Homeless Lady”, “Play”, “Seun: Part 1″, and “For Murphy” which was recently spotlighted by Heidi MacDonald at the Publishers Weekly Comics blog, THE BEAT.

All ChemSet members will have fancy new promo material to give you, so make sure to stop by and say hello!

Serializer.net returns

Serializer was an excellent art comics site that went up in flames due to a server crash many moons ago, but we received word that it is returning, with a strong line-up of world-class cartooners.

Attention Comics Readers of the Word Wide Web — Serializer.net, the critically acclaimed site for art comics on the web, is reassembling. Bookmark it. These are the facts as we know them:

1) Expect your new serializer.net by the end of this month of October.

2) Serializerists of the future and their works of art include:

Nick Bertozzi, As Yet Untitled Experimental Comics, then “Drop Ceilingâ€?
Matt Bors, “Idiot Boxâ€?
Patrick Farley, “Apocamon: The Final Judgementâ€?
Matt Feazell, “Amazing Cynical Man!â€?
Renée French, “micrographicaâ€?
Jenny Gonzalez, “Too Negativeâ€?
Merlin Goodbrey & Douglas Noble, “The Rule of Deathâ€?
Tom Hart, “Hutch Owenâ€?
Sam Henderson, “The Magic Whistleâ€?
Jonathan Larabie, “The Minibar Billâ€?
Phil McAndrew, “Beanâ€? and/or “Hug the Cactusâ€?
Metaphrog “Louis – Lying to Cliveâ€?
Eric Millikin, “Fetus-Xâ€?
Jen Sorensen, “Slowpokeâ€?
Casey Sorrow, “Feral Calfâ€?
Joda Thayer, “Few and Far Betweenâ€?
Jason Turner, “True Lovesâ€?
Approximately five other artists to be named later

3) Publisher’s Weekly refers to many of serializer’s artists as “art comics favoritesâ€? and “critical darlings.â€? London’s Sunday Times has called serializer “high art,â€? and The New York Times thought some of our comics were “Well drawn and funny.â€? The Comics Journal found some Serializer comics to be “daring, entertainingly perverseâ€? while The Guardian found artwork on serializer that “threatens to seriously tamper with one’s smug equilibrium.â€?

4) Questions? E-mail ericmillikin-at-gmail-dot-com

5) Spread this far and wide.

Short random items

§ The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal rounds up the grueling life of the daily strip cartoonist, and looks at notorious drop-outs like Watterson, Larson and now McGruder.

§ The Detroit News updates the William Messner-Loebs story, and things seem to be going well for him for a change, which is good news.

§ You will prolly not get that much out of this link unless you speak Hip Hop, but it explains the real deal on Jay-Z and KINGDOM COME and the comics connection.

§ New Gorillaz DVD, iTunes EPs, Book And Toys Coming Soon, We said…TOYS!

Toy maker Kidrobot is teaming up with Gorillaz again to make soft vinyl figures of characters 2D, Murdoc, Noodle and Russel. They’ll come in three different colour variations, with manufacturing runs of 60,000 for the basic edition (available on October 16), 4,000 of the white edition and 1,000 of the two-tone edition (both available on November 2). They’ll be available through the Kidrobot website as well as Kidrobot stores and other select retailers. A previous line of Gorillaz toys from Kidrobot sold out within weeks.

§ We never watch Conan any more, but apparently a cartoon feature called PALE FORCE is popular enough to be turned into Webisodes:

Jim Gaffigan’s superhero satire was originally launched in Sept. 2005. The toons chronicle the misadventures of muscular Pale Man and his skinny sidekick, Conan O’Brien, as they use their paleness to fight crime.

NBC.com will host 20 new 90-second webisodes of PALE FORCE as part of its TV 360 initiative.

In addition, the toons will be made available to Sprint users for free a week before they arrive online.

Thanks to all who sent in links!

Weird yet True

Wow, is this a crazy world or what? A terrorist plane crasher turns out to be a NEW YORK YANKEE! Tragic. All this talk of plane crashes made everyone recall the late, great Thurman Munson.
Man, we were torn up when Thurman died. We even wrote a song about it that contained the line, “And everyone cried/the day you died.” No one rocked the handlebar the way Thurman did, or indeed the way anyone who did not live in the ’70s could.

There was no talk about Roberto Clemente, who died in a plane crash on New Year’s Eve in 1972, on his way to Nicaraugua in a charter plane full of supplies for earthquake victims. He was the only the second Hispanic American ever to be elected into baseball’s Hall of Fame. He was cool.

And now, your cryptozoological moment: While we were fact checking last night we came across this story which keeps alive hope that the Ivory-billed Woodpecker survives deep in the jungles of the Choctawhatchee River:

“On 41 occasions different team members have seen the bird. We heard that double knock, it’s a sound the ivory-billed makes that no other bird makes, but we didn’t get a clear video of the bird,” Hill said.

“I think people should be skeptical. I think they should demand clear photographic evidence. I might start to get skeptical myself thinking, ‘I’ve seen this bird,’ but how could I have seen a bird that it is impossible to photograph,” he said.

We believe.