Serializer was an excellent art comics site that went up in flames due to a server crash many moons ago, but we received word that it is returning, with a strong line-up of world-class cartooners.

Attention Comics Readers of the Word Wide Web —, the critically acclaimed site for art comics on the web, is reassembling. Bookmark it. These are the facts as we know them:

1) Expect your new by the end of this month of October.

2) Serializerists of the future and their works of art include:

Nick Bertozzi, As Yet Untitled Experimental Comics, then “Drop Ceilingâ€?
Matt Bors, “Idiot Boxâ€?
Patrick Farley, “Apocamon: The Final Judgementâ€?
Matt Feazell, “Amazing Cynical Man!â€?
Renée French, “micrographicaâ€?
Jenny Gonzalez, “Too Negativeâ€?
Merlin Goodbrey & Douglas Noble, “The Rule of Deathâ€?
Tom Hart, “Hutch Owenâ€?
Sam Henderson, “The Magic Whistleâ€?
Jonathan Larabie, “The Minibar Billâ€?
Phil McAndrew, “Beanâ€? and/or “Hug the Cactusâ€?
Metaphrog “Louis – Lying to Cliveâ€?
Eric Millikin, “Fetus-Xâ€?
Jen Sorensen, “Slowpokeâ€?
Casey Sorrow, “Feral Calfâ€?
Joda Thayer, “Few and Far Betweenâ€?
Jason Turner, “True Lovesâ€?
Approximately five other artists to be named later

3) Publisher’s Weekly refers to many of serializer’s artists as “art comics favoritesâ€? and “critical darlings.â€? London’s Sunday Times has called serializer “high art,â€? and The New York Times thought some of our comics were “Well drawn and funny.â€? The Comics Journal found some Serializer comics to be “daring, entertainingly perverseâ€? while The Guardian found artwork on serializer that “threatens to seriously tamper with one’s smug equilibrium.â€?

4) Questions? E-mail ericmillikin-at-gmail-dot-com

5) Spread this far and wide.