The Marshall, MO school library board voted last night on whether to keep shelving FUN HOME and BLANKETS. At our press time, Tom Spurgeon has word that the library voted “against shelving.” That’s a bit ambiguously worded, but the rest of Tom’s post makes it sound like the books were removed.

Earlier stories in the Marshall Democrat-News here and here.

We’ll update when everyone else does.


  1. Who really cares what this small town does with its resources. Sure people can gripe about censorship but in truth they didn’t even have to purchase graphic novels at all! Damn, my library doesn’t carry any and Marshall is removing two from their collection of graphic novels.
    So some mother gripes and the board listens and the book gets removed.
    Don’t be cheap – BUY THE DAMN BOOK AND SUPPORT THE AUTHOR WITH CASH. Not wasted platitudes about injustices.

  2. The books have been removed until the new policy is in place. It may take a long, long time to write a policy on what constitutes a “good” book for those living in Marshall, MO.

    The Marshall Public Library Board of Trustees was able to implement censorship last night under the ruse of policy writing. A dubious act at best. One would assume that the fallback position for the library board would be to keep the books, not ban them.

  3. This just in: me has deemed libraries unsuitable for advocates of literature as creators are better served by the purchase of their work rather than the unethical lending practices that libraries are known for. It was also noted on Thursday that me shows marked signs of elitism by her prejudicial remarks against those who live in communities who population falls beneath a specific-yet-arbitrary mark.

  4. Ummmmm… The Dane. I dont think she said anything about lending practices being unethical. (Is me a girl?)
    Exaggerate much?

  5. Confused here.
    I beleive The Dane was trying to use sarcasm.
    Ever heard of it?
    Granted it was a lame attempt.
    The point about small town allocation practices and me’s lack of concern for that translates to elite tendencies was too much of a stretch.

  6. *sheepish* yeah. it was real cute in my head but, as we can tell, didn’t translate so well into the written word. apologies for my inadequacies :)