A Brief History of Marvel’s 2006 Gay Policies

Recent developments in the handling of gay characters at Marvel and DC is a topic that deserves all of our attention, and we haven’t had time to give it the investigation it deserves. Lame but true. Luckily, Andy Mangels has put together In and Out: A Brief History of Marvel’s 2006 Gay Policies which gives […]

Terrence Howard is Rhodey

If you had told us a while ago that the IRON MAN movie would star two Oscar® nominees.…would you have believed it? Marvel’s IRON MAN continues to attract Hollywood gold as Marvel Studios announced today that Academy Award® Nominee Terrence Howard has joined the cast of the highly-anticipated film. Howard will take on the role […]

Something to scream at

Comic Book Resources has red carpet photos of comics personalities and other slebs from the Scream Awards, many shot at an ungodly close range. CELEBRITIES ARE NOT MEANT TO BE SEEN CLOSE UP! I mean it was supposed to be a horror fest but…shudder. [Link via Tom, incredibly.]

The history of blogging

Return with us to the thrilling days of yesteryear, i.e. 2004 as Tim O’Neil recounts the history of his blog, the Hurting, and by extension the entire, glorious panoply of the Comics Blog-0-sphere. The Hurting began in January of 2004, during what had been the coldest New England winter in many years. The site’s owner […]


We are very remiss in not having previously posted this schedule of events in connection with the MASTERS OF AMERICAN COMICS exhibit on display at the Jewish Museum and the Newark Museum of art. It kicks off tonight with Matt Groening and Gary Panter. AT THE JEWISH MUSEUM 1109 Fifth Avenue at 92nd Street, NYC […]

Ambrosia Publishing debuts

There’s a new publisher in town, and their name begins with “A” so they have a small chance of escaping end of the catalog ennui. And they are looking to get in! Ambrosia Publishing, a new graphic novel publisher set to debut in 2007, is currently accepting submissions for their initial line of graphic novels. […]


§ Colleen Doran is busted back to private when trying to get a booth at SD: I was just informed today that I am no longer considered an exhibitor at San Diego, even though I have exhibited about a dozen times over the years, as Aria Press (my own company) and with Image (not my […]

Metal Gear Digital Graphic Novel for PSPs

The HALO graphic novel was a best-seller for Marvel, belying the belief that books based on video games rarely lived up to expectations. Now Metal Gear Solid is putting out what it is calling its own graphic novel, but it’s actually a game for the PSP: A new PSP title from the renowned Kojima Productions […]