§ Colleen Doran is busted back to private when trying to get a booth at SD:

I was just informed today that I am no longer considered an exhibitor at San Diego, even though I have exhibited about a dozen times over the years, as Aria Press (my own company) and with Image (not my own company). Because I got tired of getting lost in the crowd, with people being unable to find me (when the book Aria came out, there was a lot of confusion with my company name), this year I decided to exhibit under my own name.

This makes me a “new exhibitor�? according to the letter I got today, I’ve been bumped onto a wait list, and god only knows where I will get a booth location, if I actually get one.

§ Meanwhile, other people are already stressing about getting a hotel room at the con in’07.

§ Peter Bagge wins some kind of awards from a Shriner’s-like cartoonists’ group known as Cartoonists Northwest. Beware people wearing shiny hats!

§ Director John Woo puts his comic book in time capsule.Ah, to remember the grand old days when Garth Ennis scripted SEVEN BROTHERS!

§ Garry Trudeau’s military blog, The Sandbox, is up at Slate, and has little to do with comics, but rather captures the day to day lives of people in the military.

So I have done a lot of bitching. I am just trying to put a fine point on these comics, because they are true. And you can retract and pull back and say, ‘I never would have thought’ or ‘Who would do such a thing’ but the fact is it does happen. And it happens a lot. Personally I think if you take out the IMs and go back to getting a letter once every three months, people would be grateful for that. People really need to ease up on Soldiers and let them do their jobs. Killing people is what Soldiers do. Very simple. Let Uncle Sam have his killers. And when he is done being a Soldier he can come back and be whatever it is that you want him to be.

So let me boil it down. You don’t want your husband to be a killer when he is with you. So why would you want him to be a husband when he is supposed to be a killer. Because if he is, then he won’t be for long. The only thing he will be is filling for an aluminum box.

§ A history of penis-related spam