There’s a new publisher in town, and their name begins with “A” so they have a small chance of escaping end of the catalog ennui. And they are looking to get in!

Ambrosia Publishing, a new graphic novel publisher set to debut in 2007, is currently accepting submissions for their initial line of graphic novels.

Ambrosia Publishing is looking for stories which fall into the horror, fantasy, sci-fi, and weird fiction genres. Our target audiences are those which read Vertigo titles, European graphic novels such as those published by Humanoids Publishing, and horror / fantasy manga.

Ambrosia Publishing is not out to “revolutionizeâ€? comics. We are simply doing some things differently such as offering creators 100% ownership of their work (in other words, the opportunity for creator-owned work) along with 70% of all profits made in relation to their work.

Ambrosia Publishing is currently accepting both electronic and mailed submissions. Before you submit, be sure to read our Submission Guidelines ( on the Ambrosia Publishing web site (

The outfit is apparently run by Wesley Craig Green, head cheese of the comics website Independent Propaganda and co-creator of the graphic novel BEFORE DAWN.


  1. Replying to Vado message, so many artist have been screwed by giving up their creations so
    they can be published or for money .

    Superman , Terry and the pirates are a few ,if the contarct is done right both parties benfit.

    Don Bryan