Metal Gear Solid
The HALO graphic novel was a best-seller for Marvel, belying the belief that books based on video games rarely lived up to expectations. Now Metal Gear Solid is putting out what it is calling its own graphic novel, but it’s actually a game for the PSP:

A new PSP title from the renowned Kojima Productions unit of Konami is aiming to attract newcomers to the world of Metal Gear Solid, while giving long time fans a bit of a nostalgic treat.

Metal Gear Solid: Digital Graphic Novel hit shelves just recently with an easygoing, innovative comic-book design and feel, based on the comic books released in the US that revisit the goings on of Metal Gear Solid 1. And as producer Noriaki Okamura explained to Kikizo in a recent interview, the game offers something a little bit different to the action-heavy Metal Gear formula.

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  1. That’s actually not a very new title. It came out earlier this year in July. It’s really just an reformatting of Ashley Wood’s “Metal Gear Solid” comics that IDW published … last year was it?

    Anyway, I did a review of it when it came out ( It’s really more of a very, very limited animated film than comics. You could probably accomplish the same thing with Flash.