People notes: Shanower, Dawson

A super profile of Eric Shanower in today’s Daily News: From the time he first had the idea in 1991 of synthesizing those works into one comprehensive storyline, it took five years of continuous research before Shanower even started writing his first script. It wasn’t until the next year that he started drawing his first […]

Bart Beaty on Euro-comics malaise

Has the European comics scene, long the idol of US comics elitists jumped the shark? Bart Beaty examines the issue at The Comics Reporter: After a period of tremendous experimentation and growth in the 1970s, the 1980s witnessed a devastating retrenchment, where publishers chased best-sellers by duplicating what they’ve always done. Very little of the […]

Gordon Lee back in court

Georgia retailer Gordon Lee is back in court for a hearing with two motions to dismiss today. The case has been in the court system since 2004. The CBLDF provides a complete run down of the state of the case: This Thursday, October 5, the long-running case of Georgia v. Gordon Lee goes back to […]

Real official 300 trailer up — YOW

The official 300 trailer is up and on our newish iMac monitor the high def version looks…whoa. Wow. Yow. Yikes. We’re speechless. Click on the above screencap for a larger image. You can see a frame-by-frame comparison of the earlier unofficial trailer and the original graphic novel here at Solace in Cinema, and it’s interesting […]

GHOST RIDER poster and trailer

Oft delayed, GHOST RIDER is blazing into theaters next February 16th, just in time for Valentine’s day, and a poster and trailer have been unleashed on the world. Make sure you watch this BEFORE the 300 trailer or it will look not as good in comparison. We’ve made our own little screen cap:


Kevin Merose at the Blog@ had a post yesterday all about FREAK SHOW, the new David Cross-created cartoon now airing on Comedy Central. We caught about 50% of the debut last night, and it was, like a lot of cartoons on cable these days, redolent of the kind of jokes you come up with sitting […]


We ran out of room to post this link yesterday, but is offering a First Look! Richard Donner’s new Superman comic preview of the new comic by Richard Donner, Geoff Johns and Adam Kubert. It’s The Man of Steel versus…The Man! For Action Comics: Last Son — in which Supes goes all Mother Hen […]

Nov. 4 Bluestockings open mike

Before we forget,Ariel Bordeaux also reminded us of another event in this fall women’s cartoonist fest, an open mike night at Bluestockings on November 4th. An open mike celebration of the intense, hilarious, visceral and sublime qualities that women bring to the medium of comics. Women cartoonists are invited to perform whatever they wish (readings? […]