We had a fun time at Mo Pitkins last night. Gabrielle Bell read an extraordinary new comic called “MY AFFLICTION” accompanied by Karen Sneider, who added sound effects and funny voices. Megan Kelso delivered a slideshow discussing the use of “Place” in her work. Afterwards we hung out and chewed the fat with organizer Elizabeth Merrick, Bookslut’s Jessa Crispin, Vertical’s Anne Ishii (who is off to Norway today) and the series curator Ariel Bordeaux. Ariel put together the comics reading series, as well as a ‘zine to go along with the series. The ‘zine looks at various aspects of the “Why are there no great women cartoonists?” debate, and includes an essay called “Mothers of Comics” by Yours Truly. If you come out to one of the readings, be sure to purchase a copy for the modest price of $3, we said modestly.

The back of the zine includes the following text: “Why are there so many intense, awesome, outstanding, superb, fantastic, radical, powerful, extraordinary, first-rate, excellent, fabulous, strong, kick-ass rockin’ women cartoonists? (just don’t use the “G” word!)