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Kevin Merose at the Blog@ had a post yesterday all about FREAK SHOW, the new David Cross-created cartoon now airing on Comedy Central. We caught about 50% of the debut last night, and it was, like a lot of cartoons on cable these days, redolent of the kind of jokes you come up with sitting in a diner at 3 am with your buddies after a night of drinking. The Bearded Clam? Please. The show’s website actually has some pretty funny stuff on it, maybe if we pay more attention it will grow on us.

Melrose also noted the promotional comic for the show, which according to Broadcasting will have over a million copies distributed. Comedy Central is really going all out on promo for the show, with a million comics, fake covers for the Post and the Daily News. Big stuff for a show which features a premature baby who can “projectile vomit with stunning accuracy.”

One more thing about that comic. The Broadcasting piece credits Cross and H. Jon Benjamin as writers, but as far as we could see (and again the pages were too small for us to read very well on screen) there were no actual credits on the comic. For shame Comedy Central! Have you not learned that in this era cartoonists are superstars with bands of rabid followers who love to read about their every exploit in the gossip rags? No credits is so 20th century.