The official 300 trailer is up and on our newish iMac monitor the high def version looks…whoa. Wow. Yow.

Yikes. We’re speechless. Click on the above screencap for a larger image.

You can see a frame-by-frame comparison of the earlier unofficial trailer and the original graphic novel here at Solace in Cinema, and it’s interesting stuff. Like Robert Rodriguez, director Zack Snyder has used Frank Miller’s panel compositions as actual storyboards — the results are extremely cinematic.

Much more to ponder in the link.

UPDATE: oops, we fixed the link.


  1. Absolutely fantastic, Heidi. Thanks for posting this. The Spartan’s stand against the invading Persian empire is one of the greatest stories in military history. If only Alexander the Great had gotten this kind of screen treatment.

  2. That shot of the soldiers falling off the cliff is beautiful. So definitely Miller-esque.

    Also, men in tiny leather bikinis and cloaks please me greatly in an entirely different way.

  3. The Persians invaded Greece, what, a half-dozen times during Sparta’s heyday? It’s not like the Persians are being portrayed unfairly, — as I’m sure their aggressive motives were looked upon as evil by the Greeks of that era. Further, The Persians failed or were driven back nearly every time they tried to invade, as I recall — hardly an innaccurate “glorification” of historical events.

    Until I see the film or read the graphic novel, I obviously can’t comment on the accuracy of either, and I certainly think writing them off as guttertrash at this point in time is extremely premature. But based on the trailer, the basic backdrop of the film (not the artistic touches, such as the usage of a rhino as an attack weapon) thus far seems accurate enough.

  4. Mmmmk. It’s a movie based on a graphic novel based on a history book based on history. There are going to be embelishments. Fantastic, entertaining embelishments.

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