Where will you be when the robots arrive?

This link has been making thr rounds, but it definitely qualifies as MUST-READING: MIT’s Henry Jenkins interviews Todd Allen about micropayments. Now we admit, micropayments aren’t a very sexy topic, and Allen can get a little technical on you, but he has been following the developments in developing revenue streams for e-comics for some time. […]

Editorial shuffle

Newsarama reports that C.B. Cebulski has gone back on staff at Marvel, even while pointing out that he never really left. Cebulski will be helping out with the X-office, whipping up some international licensing deals and helping with talent management. Oh, and BLOGGING. Meanwhile, also at Newsarama, the news that editor Steve Wacker was leaving […]


Oh those SVA kids. Their recent ranks have included everyone from Becky Cloonan to James Jean to probably the greatest cartoonist of tomorrow. Now they are at it again! Grad Matthew Bernier writes to tell us “at the end of last year many of SVA’s best senior cartoonists, and also me, got together to publish […]

Consortium picks up CPM and DramaQueen

Via MangaCast news that the book distributor Consortium has picked up two manga publishers: the temporarily defunct CPM and yaoi specialist DramaQueen. MangaCast has much analysis: CPM has had a deal with Consortium before. Actually days before their “implosion” they announced something with this group and there were rumors around that the deal had fallen […]

Webcomickers react to Platinum deal

Johanna has a great post rounding up reaction to the Platinum Studios piece in the NY Times (Them AGAIN!) about their plan to post their comics on the web via DrunkDuck.com. As you might expect, the Webcomics elite, never a shy bunch, let loose with results that set new highwater marks for snark. In particular, […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 9/28

• Utterly adorable t-shirt designs by Vera Brosgol • Comic Book Resources launches new comics sales analysis chart. Frankly, anything that includes columns entitled “Delta” slings us back in time to a hellish world of multi-function calculators and the quadratic equation. So far commentary light, but new ways of looking at sales is always good. […]

Inside the Comics Loving New York Times

Marvel sent out a press release yesterday trumpeting the fact that Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa had been mentioned in the Arts, Briefly section of the New York Times. Now the Times has been breaking much comics news recently, but this was really more of a tangential note: SPIDEY GOES TO THE WHITNEY Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, a playwright and […]