Johanna has a great post rounding up reaction to the Platinum Studios piece in the NY Times (Them AGAIN!) about their plan to post their comics on the web via As you might expect, the Webcomics elite, never a shy bunch, let loose with results that set new highwater marks for snark. In particular, this line is a set up for sarcasm:

“We’re tearing down the wallâ€? that has separated traditional printed comic books from those emerging online, he said. “We completely believe in this model.â€?

Poor Scott Rosenberg. He was only giving a sound bite.
Scott Kurtz:

It’s about time that somebody tore down the wall that separated traditional comic books for those emerging online. This could be great news from those struggling cartoonists over at Penny-Arcade.

Watch out, Dumbrella. Platinum studios has tentative plans next year to tear down the barriers between college students and tee shirts with ironic sayings on them.

Penny Arcade

Good, because as it stands only rabid weasels are reaping the benefits of digital distribution – it’s about time human beings got into the game. It’s either a statement of profound naivete or profound hubris. Saying that you’re going to make the web a place for comics is like suggesting that you plan to colonize the Earth. If they want to break down the walls that keep artists from publishing online, well, I hope they brought a wall with them, because we don’t really have anything like that here. I suppose we could special order.

Penny Arcade also has a strip here.
Reader comments also have a field day. More in Johanna’s post.


  1. Allegedly, Cowboys and Aliens is officially submitted to Diamond and will be in the next previews. I’ll believe that this book is done when I see it either at a convention or on the ship list.
    And it should be noted, in fact it has to be noted – the creator of the first-ever Platinum-published book is Scott Rosenberg.
    The only other book in the official works is Hero By Night, being created by DJ Coffman, and they’re legally obligated to publish that book because of the contest they ran.