Via MangaCast news that the book distributor Consortium has picked up two manga publishers: the temporarily defunct CPM and yaoi specialist DramaQueen. MangaCast has much analysis:

CPM has had a deal with Consortium before. Actually days before their “implosion” they announced something with this group and there were rumors around that the deal had fallen through. Well, looks like CPM might be coming back. I will take my typical stance with CPM – believe it til I see it. Nothing wrong with their manga, outside of meh production values, I feel they have a decent enough line-up. Jarred has written here about his love of Nananan Kiriko before and I still rave about Lee HyunSe titles. Announcements made at the start of this year that included seinen titles from Wani Books and a couple Shodensha josei titles were making me want to like them. However, outside of a couple reprints in January and the random BeBeautiful book, nothing has been seen from them in almost 20 months. I almost feel I have a better chance with Gustoon! than with CPM. So what’s a deal like this do for CPM? I kinda wish they would say something, cause until they announce something or begin to release any books I almost don’t care. Give me more Mythology of the Heavens darnit!!

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