Oh those SVA kids. Their recent ranks have included everyone from Becky Cloonan to James Jean to probably the greatest cartoonist of tomorrow. Now they are at it again!

Grad Matthew Bernier writes to tell us “at the end of last year many of SVA’s best senior cartoonists, and also me, got together to publish an anthology of our work.” The result: CRITICAL CITADEL. Hit the link for samples and free downloads. In a manner distressingly common for young cartoonists, the samples are unimpeded by any information whatsoever on the names of the artists. Here’s a lesson they should have taught you in school: PUT YOUR NAME ON YOUR WORK!!!


Despite this youthful error, there is some promising work here. We already purchased and enjyed Bernier’s OUT OF WATER, and the marketing gambit of posing the book next to an adorable baby kitten shows real ability. Go Critical Citadel!