Otomo meets Cup Noodles!

Coolest thing ever for today. A site promoting Nissen for the 35th Anniversary of Cup Noodles presents an animated video by Katsuhiro Otomo (AKIRA.) Ad Age explains (via sneaky Google cache): Hence, the Freedom Project. The creative mandate of the Nissin Freedom campaign is to position the humble Cup as a symbol of freedom, since […]

Modern Tales adds four

Naked PR, but informative: Modern Tales (www.moderntales.com), one of the Web’s premier webcomics sites, is proud to announce the addition of four new comics to its Modern Tales Strip Lounge section. The Strip Lounge offers free, non-exclusive webcomics available to all visitors, and is designed to complement the Modern Tales V.I.P. Room, which features subscription-based […]

Cape 2.5 benefits Hernandez

The fire at the home of Lea Hernandez has receded from the internet’s front page, but reading Lea’s LJ is a continuing sad, funny story of picking up after you’ve lost just about everything. She also reiterates over and over again how much the support from the comics community and others has meant. Although The […]

Comics male dominated???? No!

Newsday’s Ariella Burdick reviews the Masters show and she can’t help but pick up a bit of…well…subtext. The Newark Museum concentrates on newspaper strips; the Jewish Museum picks up the story with comic books, which began to hit the market just before World War II. Almost from the beginning, these had a cult readership made […]

Are you older than 6? Do you have a spare $27k?

Have you been admiring the many stirring and awe-inspiring full-size Batmans made from Lego over the past year’s convention season? Now one can be YOURS courtesy of FAO Schwartz: At 6’6″ tall, a Batman statue would be an impressive guardian against whatever lurks in the shadows. But when he’s made entirely of Lego bricks, you […]

Internet Hubris #2: the un-Mighty Mini-Con — UPDATED

We picked this one up from Johanna this morning, and it’s a little more kicking someone when they’re down, but…hey whoever said we were nice? It seems Rick Olney’s Mighty Mini-Con, slated to be held this weekend, has been canceled. 2006 Mighty Minicon Falls on Own Sword For very obvious reasons, I don’t expect many […]

Internet Hubris #1: My Blog ! MY choice!

We try to stay out of endless internet blog feuds, because if we didn’t, we’d have no time for things like eating and sleeping, but once in a while one comes along that is so rich, tasty and satisfying that it must be shared with out constituency. Such is the case of James Meely, whose […]

Kibbles, Bits 9/19 matey

ITEM! Kingdom Come: Superman supplants Jesus as icon for rappers returning from retirement wilderness, or in Jay-Z’s case, retirement wonderland. ITEM! Colleen Doran plans to turn long out of print GN into webcomic: A Distant Soil: Seasons of Spring has been out of print for some 15 years and I am going to be running […]

Fan Expo Canada draws 42,000

We have no idea how the FEC counts guests, so can make no comparison of these figures to other shows. It was clearly a well attended event, however. Pictures above: great moments in nerd history. The organizers of the 12th annual Fan Expo Canada, which took place September 1 – 3 at the Metro Toronto […]