Naked PR, but informative:

Modern Tales (, one of the Web’s premier webcomics sites, is proud to announce the addition of four new comics to its Modern Tales Strip Lounge section. The Strip Lounge offers free, non-exclusive webcomics available to all visitors, and is designed to complement the Modern Tales V.I.P. Room, which features subscription-based comics available only to Modern Tales subscribers.

The new Strip Lounge comics are:
060-04Killer Robots from Space, by Adam Greengard, a sardonic comic strip featuring lots of robots but not actually all that much killing. Greengard is known in webcomics circles for Killer Robots and his previous comic, No Outlet.

20060901 Copy1Planet Karen, a daily diary comic by Karen Ellis, who talks frankly about friends, concerts, Rollerblades, rent, and daily life for a not-quite-average English girl.

Pang Page14Shi Long Pang, by Ben Costa, the ongoing story of a portly Shao Lin monk searching for his brother in 17th-century China.

060919 RadioisforlosersYou’ll Have That, by Wes Molebash, a semi-autobiographical daily strip about the life of a young married couple.

The new comics will debut on Modern Tales this week. Over the course of the week, Garrity will interview some of the creators on the Talk About Comics blog.