The fire at the home of Lea Hernandez has receded from the internet’s front page, but reading Lea’s LJ is a continuing sad, funny story of picking up after you’ve lost just about everything. She also reiterates over and over again how much the support from the comics community and others has meant. Although The Hernandezes were insured, there are still difficulties, and they deserve our support. CAPE 2.5 is coming up in a few days and will be a benefit:

CAPE! the Comic and Pop Expo presents CAPE 2.5, a live art show and comic art auction benefiting comic artist Lea Hernandez and family.

After a house fire claimed everything the Hernandez family owned including her art, the comic book community is rallying around Lea with a live comic art jam and comic art auction.

The event is scheduled for Saturday September 30th at the Metro Grill in Dallas starting at 9pm. While a DJ spins, comic artists work on oversized canvases before an assembled audience. Once an artist finishes a piece it moves to an auction area where anyone can bid on it.

“When we had our first one in May, there were artists going at it everywhere, on the wall on the floor. We even had to cover the pool table to protect it from paint,” said CAPE host Richard Neal. “It was an amazing experience. Each time a piece finished the crowd would cheer.”

The money raised from the night of the auction goes directly to Hernandez.

Some of the comic artists already assembled run the gamut from indie to mainstream from up-and-comers to industry legends. PVP s Scott Kurtz, the Crow s James O Barr, Viper Comics Brock Rizy and Benjamin Hall, Brian Denham, Steve Erwin, Sonny Strait, Kit Lively, TJ Colligan, and Ghostwerks Comics are among the few already on the bill.

“Texas comic creators really support each other and having this line-up of talent in Dallas show up and give for a San Antonio friend is very classy. I’m proud to promote these people.” says Scott Hinze of Fanboy Radio, co-host of the evening.

“The biggest surprise of the evening will be Lea Hernandez herself. We’re getting Lea here for a little live art therapy,” said Neal. “I can’t imagine losing my entire career in a fire. It’s important for the artists assembled to bring Lea in to their show support.”

CAPE 2.5 is a live art experience and comic art auction Saturday September 30th starting at 9pm at Metro Grill. The event hosts are,,, and Zeus Comics.

Donations to Lea Hernandez can also be made at Zeus Comics or at their website

Metro Grill is located at 4425 North Central Expressway on the southbound access road just past Knox/Henderson. Additional information can be obtained by calling Zeus Comics at 214-219-TOYS

Go to for more information.


  1. For those who haven’t kept up with Lea’s LiveJournal, she and her family have been dealing with nasty insurance problems. So yeah, they’re insured, but they haven’t really seen any money yet, and they had to fight just to be able to get a rental house and get out of the motel. The photos on her LJ are heartbreaking. Money won’t replace her dead pets, all her art, her past work … money won’t heal the emotional pain felt by her two children – or anyone else in the family for that matter.

    I’m just a Hernandez fan, not a friend.

  2. Its hard to think about the loss from a fire. I can’t imagine how devastated i would be as a retailer to lose everything. Insurance would step in but at what point? I would still have to make an income in the interim. Plus would they compensate $ for $?

    It wouldn’t even cover the loss of art or if I had dependents their toys. Ugh. I’m depressing myself writing this.

    Over the last week I’ve been amazed watching the generosity and out-pouring by the comics community. My hope is that our little party CAPE 2.5 will get Lea around the folks that love her so much – her comic art community.

    [email protected]