We try to stay out of endless internet blog feuds, because if we didn’t, we’d have no time for things like eating and sleeping, but once in a while one comes along that is so rich, tasty and satisfying that it must be shared with out constituency. Such is the case of James Meely, whose Comic Contemplations website was frequently linked on When Fangirls Attack! leading to a highly public and enjoyable mental breakdown on Meely’s part and the ultimo internet suicide dive of taking down his blog and then even removing all posts from various message board threads where he argued with more rational minds. Meely’s problem? He didn’t want to be linked to. On the internet. While we are touched by Meely’s idea that the internet is a private place where just a few friend can kick back in obscurity, we suggest that he may just have started posting on the wrong internets.

JournalFen has the complete rundown, no need to do a complete rehash but here are a few gems:

Highlights include Meeley’s explanation for why he doesn’t want these particular bloggers blogging him: my “problem” is that two women who have professed hatred for me and made every effort to tell me “go away” are now invading MY space and have no intention of stopping, if it suits their own whims. Perhaps that isn’t a big deal for you. It is for me, however. Kalinara denies any hatred, and to date there have been no citations for whatever the hell this is supposed to be referring to, so :shrug:.

Meely’s alarm at these “two women” actually reading his words is captured over at Chris’s Invincible Super-Blog (Meely writing):

This isn’t Soviet China. You don’t force someone into something they don’t want to do. Respect my right to have my blog promoted as I see fit. Considering this is a feminist-minded blog and that similar thoughts have been expressed in women’s issues (like abortion, for example) isn’t it odd that the women here are unwilling to grant that very same respect to others. Maybe I ought to start my own slogan: “MY blog, MY choice.” Perhaps that might make my point reach people’s minds.

My blog. MY choice. Good one.

The Roar of Comics actually digs deeper into Meely’s past and finds that he was earlier guilty of another basic no-no in the blogosphere: the sock puppet.

Then, at about the thirtieth comment, along comes James Meeley. James has a blogger profile, but doesn’t have a blog of his own (as far as I can tell, he had at least two, but both have shuttered. Anyone know what that is about?) Anyway, not having a space of his own, James uses the comments page as an open forum to tell “feminist comic fans” that they “need to remember” that their, ugh, “impatience” hurts the cause of feminism by turning “people” off.
[Arguments ensue and a defender appears]
Who could do that? Who could say there was nothing offensive in James’s post, which let me remind you separates out “feminist comic book fans” from “normal comic book fans,” but saw death threats in mine? Who is that desperate to start a fight?

Why it’s James Meeley!

Yes, that’s right, classy guy that he is, James Meeley defended himself in the third person as if he were someone else entirely.

Sadly the entertainment seems to have ended, as over at the former Comics Contemplations one finds only This is not James Meeley:

James Meeley was here but he decided to pack up and run away. James Meeley gave the comics blog-o-sphere something negative to talk about. Allow POSTCARDS to give you something positive to talk about.

This is not James Meeley. This is POSTCARDS. And you are allowed to link here.

Whew. Thank god for that. The non-being-able-to-link-to-James-Meely-thing was really getting The Beat down.


  1. Sniff…James Meely gets all the attention for NOT wanting his blog linked. Here I’m doing 35 reviews in 30 days WITH awesome haikus…do I get linked? No. Sniff…no one loves whyilovecomics.com…

    (Hee hee…wonder if fake pity will work?)

    By the way, fabulous job on cracking the Fanta-Harlan suit, Heidi.

  2. “Soviet China?” Is that one of those weird malapropisms like that commercial about “the 800-pound gorilla in the room” at which I’m always shouting back to the TV, “Look, you can be an 800-pound gorilla, or you can be the elephant in the room (that nobody talks about), but you can’t be both”? I mean, it’s either “the Soviet Union” or “Communist China,” isn’t it? But it’s probably futile considering the man doesn’t have a clear grasp of how the internets work. You see, they’re a series of tubes…

  3. Ah, Meely always stood on the fine line between unintentional hilarity and infuriating. I remember when Graeme first noticed him on FBR (over his concern about the appropriateness of Hulkling and Asguardian’s relationship in Young Avengers) and he’s always been the guy who starts out with a very flawed argument, people try to get him to examine the flaws in his argument and he responds with 750 words about how the questioner needs to be better educated in order to properly comprehend Meely’s original argument… then he melts down.

    So, in short, he’s one of those people who doesn’t listen and then will lecture you about the importance of listening.