THEY HATE US — 9/11 Report division

HUMAN EVENTS ONLINE, which bills itself as “The National Conservative Weekly” and includes ads for such things as Ann Coulter and a website for beleaguered conservatives who can’t bear to date another liberal, has an article saying that the graphic novel version of 9/11 is not seemly or befitting the Memory of Those Who Died […]

Marts to DC

Newsarama reports on X-office head Mike Marts moving across town: And no, it’s not a case of Marts being a disgruntled employee. “Far from it,â€? Marts said. “In fact, things have been very good at marvel for me the past several years–I’ve worked with some of the best creators in the business, the editorial staff […]

Free Kyle Baker cartoons!

According to his email newsletter, there are now SEVEN free Kyle Baker cartoons on the web. They would be a bargain at any price: 1. THE BAKERS IN: NOSE 2. THE BAKERS IN: HEROINE 3. THE BAKERS IN: TASTE 4. THE BAKERS IN: THE SOFATEERS 5. THE BAKERS IN: GIANT STEP 6. THE BAKERS IN: […]

DORK #11!

The cover to DORK #11 by Evan Dorkin has been posted. It is coming. Go to link for larger version. The last issue of DORK came out in 2002 as near as we can figure.

BLOGWATCH: By Veidt — Betrayed?!?

BeaucoupKevin is posting remixed pages of Watchmen as if they were written by Stan Lee. Let’s all get together and reward Kevin for his hard work? Like maybe we could buy him a gift certificate for MENSA or something?

Lea Hernandez is podcasting

Need more be said? Her first guest is Tycho Brahe (Jerry Holins) of PENNY ARCADE. In this installment, Tycho shares his inadvertent exposure to porn, his love of words, and tries to get me to throw down on Internet drama. Next week, we talk Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice, and Austen fanfic good and bad. […]


•George O’Connor is guest blogging at First Second blog and talking about his research fo Journey into Mohawk Country. •Cartooner Tim Kreider’s impassioned defense of former planet Pluto led to an appearance on Nightline last night: Due to the convergence of forces beyond my comprehension, I have become a media Go-To Guy on the subject […]

Rocket Pirate update

From Bad Signal, Warren Ellis writes: Well, falling ill almost immediately after I made the call for submissions has slowed things down a bit. As did getting vastly more submissions than I expected (and I’m still sorting through them). Also, I’m giving a few people the time they need to get set. And I have […]