BeaucoupKevin is posting remixed pages of Watchmen as if they were written by Stan Lee. Let’s all get together and reward Kevin for his hard work? Like maybe we could buy him a gift certificate for MENSA or something?


  1. Reminds me of the Kevin Dooley(?) version of one issue (12?) of Watchmen that was making the rounds of DC at the time, back in the days when only disco singles were re-mixed… Funny stuff!

  2. Honestly, that dialogue read more like an exchange in a ’60’s “Justice League of America.” I just don’t know if you should mock someone who penned the dialogue for “This Man, This Monster,” among others. That, and nobody even said “Hold that pose” or “What The-!”

  3. Um…were these supposed to be funny? Because they ‘re not.
    It’s not even a good satire on Stan’s writing style. It’s just lame.

  4. Heidi, thanks for linking me, and thanks to the one person who said nice things.

    To the rest, I give you a heart Excelsior! anyway. Because, like Stan, I got no time for hating, true believers.

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