Newsarama reports on X-office head Mike Marts moving across town:

And no, it’s not a case of Marts being a disgruntled employee. “Far from it,â€? Marts said. “In fact, things have been very good at marvel for me the past several years–I’ve worked with some of the best creators in the business, the editorial staff is top notch, plus, for the first time in a long time, I feel as though the X-books have all the right creators working on them and are headed in a great and exciting direction. And I can’t say enough good things about my bosses at marvel. Both Dan Buckley and Joe Quesada are the best of the best, and I’ve learned a great many things from both guys.

“But, all that being said, I’ve been at Marvel a long time, and the urge to try new things, to face new challenges has been very strong.â€?

Marts will mark the first DCU editorial hire above the assistant or associate level since Dan Didio joined the company. “Mike not only comes with a great resume of books that he’s worked on, but also comes with the highest recommendations from the talent that’s worked with him, so we’re looking forward to him coming in, and bringing a fresh set of eyes to the DCU,â€? Didio said.

The only project announced for Marts in the piece ias working on the ALL-STAR line, specifically ALL-STAR WONDER WOMAN.

Funnily enough, in recent weeks we had several conversations with folks about the best editors in comics, and Marts was always one of the first names mentioned, so this is quite a find for DC. It’s also the first new senior hire in editorial in four years. Marvel is also losing its softball team captain, so in theory this could be the start of DC overtaking Marvel at last, on the softball diamond at least.