[NP:Negresco from the album “Kerrier District” by Kerrier District (Luke Vibert)]*

¡Journalista! is back!

Now we’re not going to just roll over and play dead. Even though we feel like it. Not because of Dirk. No, no we’re happy and thrilled to have Dirk back. That means when WE are on vacation we can go somewhere ELSE and see what is going on.

No, it’s more of a meta thing. You see, the world of comics is exploding around us. Honesetly, we think linkblogging now will tax Dirk more than it did back in the day becuase there is just exponentially more stuff to blog about. Since we started posting in the morning, we’ve noticed how Comics Reporter, Blog@Newsarama, and The Beat, have almost more than 50% different content and links. When we first started this thing, more than two years ago, almost all the sites would post mainly about the same things, thanks to all using Open Source Google technology.

Now with MySpace, LJ, every living creature on earth having their own blog, and the amount of comics coverage in the mainstream press having exploded like a laptop battery, or a tube of lip gloss on an airplane, the sheer amount of content available is more than any one person could even hope to READ, let alone link to. And more importantly, you would not WANT to read it.

Tom, Dirk, myself and the Blog@ crew are more than ever gatekeepers. Is this the best use of our time? I’m not even sure at this point.

Since moving to PW, the traffic for this site has SOARED. Yesterday’s traffic was the equal of the day after San Diego, normally the second biggest day of the year. (The biggest is the TUESDAY after San Diego, when everyone gets home and wants to find out what happened.) The way things are going, we’ll soon eclipse that day. Our bandwidth is way beyond what we anticipated. To what do we attribute the rise in traffic? Mostly, the addition of comments, we suppose, but our referrals are up, as well.

The old Beat was ranked as the 2,507th blog by Technorati, a more than respectable showing after two years of linking. The new Beat, after only two months online, is already at 10,559, with 745 links, half of the old site.

We’re not even sure where all this maundering is leading me. We’re going off the grid next week for a real internet vacation, taking the ferry to lonely Selidor, and that’s not even a metaphor. It is a time to take stock, to drink Moxie, to watch as the first tinge of autumn drifts across the blueberry bog.


*I always wanted to see what that iTunes button on Ecto did.


  1. My spelling is better because my screen is bigger, and brighter and the type is bigger. Seriously. I have horrible eyesight — and I’m a terribly typist, obviously — put the two together and you have embarrassment.

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