From Bad Signal, Warren Ellis writes:

Well, falling ill almost immediately after I made the call for submissions has slowed things down a bit. As did getting vastly more submissions than I expected (and I’m still sorting through them). Also, I’m giving a few people the time they need to get set. And I have to stab someone with a sharpened robot, too.

So right now I’m looking at launching the site in mid-September, with everyone in the first wave in place.

It’s going to be a massive thing. The equivalent of a fat anthology. I don’t expect you to like everything there. That’s not how anthologies work, after all. I do, however, figure that most people will find something to love in there, and that the association of the work will lead you to try something new.

And, frankly, I’m amused by the idea of MICKEY DEATH, Molly Crabapple, Rachel Nabors and Daniel Merlin Goodbrey in the same place once a week.

So it’s getting there. The work is being assembled. I think there’ll be a surprise or two in the final thing.

And ROCKET PIRATES t-shirts are being arranged.

Spread far and wide as you see fit.