Going Off-line for a bit

Well, the baby has arrived, and we’re about to unpack it, so we may be going off-line for a little bit while we learn how to play Second Life. In the meantime, The Beat website had some weird, momentary outages today that resulted in a WordPress error message saying the database was unavailable. While our […]

It’s Impossible To Keep a Secret on the Internet

We hear Journalista! is coming back any minute now. In fact a preview is up right now, which we know because it pinged us. Out of respect to Dirk, the father of comics linkblogging, we’re not going to link to the site, which is still in testing, but it looks pretty damned sharp, and as […]

Bandai gets tough with fansubbers

Anime News Network and many other places are reporting a new get-tough attitude from Bandai regarding fan-made translations of their movies, including things like the GHOST IN THE SHELL sequel SOLID STATE SOCIETY: Several fansub sites have publicly announced plans to create and distribute illegal fansubs of Solid State Society following its release in Japan. […]

Museum Gets Funding From New York City

E&P reports that Mort Walker’s National Cartoon Museum to be located in the Empire State Building, will get an influx of $1.8 million in funding from New York City: The NCM, slated to open next year, was formerly the International Museum of Cartoon Art. It began in Connecticut in 1974, moved to Rye Brook, N.Y., […]

LOST SQUAD finds Rogue

Against all odds, the rights to a comic book have been acquired by a movie company and they might just make a movie out of it! It’s true! Variety reports that Rogue Pictures has acquired LOST SQUAD, a WW II soldiers vs supernatural Nazi elements tale by Chris Kirby and Alan Robinson. The book was […]

The 9/11 Report sales soar on Amazon

There’s been a lot of kvetching in various venues over THE 9/11 REPORT: A GRAPHIC ADAPTATION by Sid Jacobsen and Ernie Colon — it’s simplistic, it’s inappropriate, blah blah. This review at TomPaine.com sums up many of the objections even while sheepishly admitting that the book makes the story easy to follow: Exhibit A: is […]

Immonens launch own webcomic site

Artist Stuart Immonen (NEXT WAVE) writes to say that he has relaunched his webcomic NEVER AS BAD AS YOU THINK, by him and wife Kathryn, at his own site. The strip was formerly located on Modern Tales, but they have decided to leave behind the subscription model, and now have an eight-month archive of strips […]

Fantagraphics December books

Hey remember when we figured out how to post the solicitations? We figured out how to do it again and here’s the December books from Fantagraphics, including Sala, Herriman, Medley, Hernandez, etc etc etc. THE GRAVE ROBBER’S DAUGHTER by Richard Sala 96-page B&W 6â€? x 8â€? paperback • $9.95; more in Canada ISBN-10: 1-56097-773-6 • […]

It’s MAGIC! at Dragon*Con with Misty Lee

Dragon*Con is definitely the most…unusual stop on the convention circuit. Held in Atlanta every Labor Day Weekend, it has the reputation as a show where fantasy reigns supreme and costumed con-goers parade down Main St. before engaging in con hijinks of every kind. This year’s show will include magical feats by none other than Misty […]