Artist Stuart Immonen (NEXT WAVE) writes to say that he has relaunched his webcomic NEVER AS BAD AS YOU THINK, by him and wife Kathryn, at his own site. The strip was formerly located on Modern Tales, but they have decided to leave behind the subscription model, and now have an eight-month archive of strips at the site. At the Comics Journal board, Immonen wrote:

After an informal invitation to join Modern Tales after the relaunch, and having had nothing come of it, we decided that this would be a better option than our arrangement on WCN in terms of reaching a wider audience. We’ll see if it pans out.

For those interested, “Never As Bad As You Think” takes randomly generated words each Friday to direct the plot which results in a narrative structure similar to Richard Linklater’s “Slacker”.

The weekly strip can also be viewed as a Flickr set.

Immonen is quite possibly the best known “Big Two”-type artist to have his own webcomic.


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