McNiven Speaks, fans forgive

Over at Millarworld, Mark Millar has posted a message from CIVIL WAR artist Steve McNiven: “Hey folks, just thought I should get a post up here. First up apologies to the fans and retailers of civil war. The responsibility for the art delays lies with me, period. I’ve been working harder than I ever have, […]

Where have you gone, Sal Buscema?

We don’t really follow the day to day announcements of Marvel and DC, except when they strike us in some larger sense, but yesterday’s shocker that CIVIL WAR #4 and 5 would be delayed by a month and two months, respectively, got even our attention. As ICv2’s recently released sales estimates show, CIVIL WAR #3 […]

Girl geeks flood Otome Road

Wired takes a look at doujinshi, visiting ComiKet and the gender-sepaated geek districts of Tokyo: Higashi-Ikebukoro is one of Tokyo’s outermost neighborhoods, but it’s become a destination for female manga fans because the major manga store branches there specially stock works written by and for women. These specialty shops are six-, seven- and eight-story buildings […]

May 5, 2007: Free Comic Book Day and Spider-man 3

When it first started in 2002, Free Comic Book Day was specifically tied in to the release day of the original SPIDER-MAN film. For the next few years, the fledgling promotion wasn’t considered strong enough to fly on its own, and in 2003 moved from the first weekend in May to the July 4th weekend […]

The world at large 0quotes Gizmodo editor name-checking SHOOTING WAR: What social or technical features would you like to see enter the world of blogging?I’d really like to see it become as easy as talking to a group of people…I would like it to be more fluid. There is this web comic called Shooting War; it got picked […]

Shin Chan, Evan Dorkin and you

Starting August 19th, you’ll be able to see the anime Shin Chan on Adult Swim. The premiere is Saturday at 10:30. After that it airs for a couple of weeks at 12:30 am. We’ve not seen the anime (although you can see a few snippets at the above link) but we are big fans of […]

Reading monitor

Our requisite Google patrol often turns up many reports on comics and literacy…it’s not really worth linking to them all, but once in a while it’s worth looking at the familiar pattern. To start with, the Christian Science Monitor looks at those darn comics-loving tweeners: In fact, over the past five years, “tweens” – kids […]

Gedo Senki, Earthsea and Ursula K. LeGuin

A while ago we mentioned that Goro Miyazaki, son of Hayao, was making his first animated film, an adaptation of THE FARTHEST SHORE, Ursula K. LeGuin’s third Earthsea novel. It seems that the film was the subject of some discord between father and son, but the film opened in Japan a few weeks ago and […]