Sploid, our favorite faux tabloid news site closed up shop yesterday. Guess it wasn’t a favorite of enough folks. In its two year history, it covered many topics near and dear to The Beat‘s heart:

Other topics of constant concern included robots, monkeys, occult killings, X-rays of humans revealing foreign (and frequently disturbing) objects lodged within, Nazis, dismemberments, frightening conspiracies featuring the Knights Templar and/or Dick Cheney, dumb and/or evil cops, UFOs and the many problems faced by America’s obese citizenry.

Indeed, we often snagged robot and /or monkey stories from its front page for those little extra curricular tales we know you like so much. But now it is gone, victim of the very tabloid society that it tried to expose, crushed by the indifference of a web without pity. But we will remember. Indeed, we will not go gently into Sploid’s good night. We’re here and we’re going strong, and we’re pledged to cover all the comics about robot monkeys turning into pirates that are currently in the pipeline as if our very lives depended on it.