8 16 2006 ErnieIt is a name spoken of only in whispers; its deeds so dark and disturbing that none dare attempt to breach its veil. But now Craig Yoe at the Arf Lovers Blog has uncovered the latest chilling activities of…The Bushmiller Society:

One of the the nicest times I had at the San Diego Comic Con was an early morning breakfast with Amid Amidi, Jerry Beck, Leslie Cabarga and Harry McCracken. We were discussing Amid’s amazing new book Cartoon Modern. But then we were interupted by something very disturbing…

All of a sudden we all felt an eerie chill in the air. And then, mysteriously, a tall, dark figure appeared out of the morning shadows and thrust the button (seen below) onto the table right in front of me and then just as quickly disappeared. One glance and I knew what the object was: it was a button that members of the infamous “Bushmiller Society” wear under their collars to secrectly flash to fellow members at claudestine alley meetings and to enter their cell meetings. Who put this button on the table and why I was targeted I’ll probably never know–and actually don’t want to know.

In the interest of public safety, Yoe has gone public with his tale. We need to support him in this lonely, perilous crusade.