TIME.com 0quotes Gizmodo editor name-checking SHOOTING WAR:

What social or technical features would you like to see enter the world of blogging?
I’d really like to see it become as easy as talking to a group of people…I would like it to be more fluid. There is this web comic called Shooting War; it got picked up in the Village Voice and it’s this really cool web comic about blogging in 2011 in Iraq. The war is still going on and the blogger does everything by video because it’s easier than typing. The fact of it is that the web comic shows the future of blogging as being more flowing, more conversational.

Blog@Newsarama adds Carla Hewitt and Melissa Krause, aka Kalinara.

Moriarty rumbles from the lab with a review of LOST GIRLS at AICN.Seriously!

Moore knows full well that his slow and steady stroke as a storyteller is all aiming towards an eventual release, and when his stories all come to a fitting climax, it really is completely satisfying. [spoiler snip]. Would you deny anyone free reign over their imagination? Would you ever tell anyone that they can’t dream like this? The book will challenge your own response to that question, whatever you think your answer is now. .

Draco Malfoy at Carp Tournament:

Steely Dan vs Wes Anderson


  1. The Steely Dan letter to the Wilson brothers was one of the funniest pop culture events of the decade. This one’s pretty good too. Those guys are hilarious (who ‘da thunk?).