Meltzer: x-over star

PW Daily looks at nest week’s unusual cross-promotional stunt between Hacette and DC Comics: An excerpt from Meltzer’s new novel will appear in his first issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE: It’s an unusual effort for an unusual author says Warner publisher and v-p Jamie Raab. “It’s an experiment. He’s got a big following from his work […]

WEHT: Mark Millar

He’s busy cooking up plots, according to a post at Millarworld: Quite an exciting time right now. MCW is going great guns and redrawing the Marvel U for the next few years. Sadly, I won’t be around to capitalize on all the ideas I’m setting up here, but only because I’m just starting literally months […]


Warren has taken to his bed, so Chip Zdarsky has taken over THE ENGINE. Much mirth and monitor spewing follows: What does this have to do with The Engine? Not much I suppose. Just that life is good and my home is always seconds away from burning down and while I have places I visit […]


These are all NOT COMICS, as they say, but they paint a picture of the spillover of the wired/geek life in a telling way, or so we think. Duran Duran to play concert in online gaming world Second Life Two new blogs created EVERY SECOND Despite subdued reaction to CLERKS 2, Kevin Smith signs for […]

World Fantasy Awards finalists

Locus has the finalists for this year’s World Fantasy Awards. We’ll refrain from posting the entire list, but the Best Artist category includes some familiar names: ARTIST Kinuko Y. Craft James Jean Dave McKean Edward Miller (Les Edwards) John Jude Palencar Also nominated: frequent comics annotator Jess Nevins in the SPECIAL AWARD, NON-PROFESSIONAL category for […]


Over at his LJ, Brian Wood talks about his upcoming NORTHLANDERS, his upcoming Viking saga for Vertigo: Ah, not really a Viking epic… I mean, it’s more than that. The title NORTHLANDERS is a broad one. Sort of sounds like a soap opera, right, ike Eastenders? Anyway, Vikings will be one of many groups of […]

Catch up with 52 on UGO

Why so glum, Bunky? Is it because you missed the first few issues of 52, DC’s weekly comic series detailing the goings on in their meta universe, and now you can’t keep up with Batwoman and Donna Troy and…well you know we can’t keep up with it ourselves, but it is very exciting. ANYWAY, help […]

Cable outages

Annoying internet cable outage last night curtailed early morning Beat postings. We suppose that fixing the cable from 1-3 in the morning wouldn’t annoy most NORMAL people, but for bloggers…it’s a pain in the ass. Our in-box is stuffed daily with announcements of new ventures and schemes. We can hardly keep up with them. No […]