52 1
Why so glum, Bunky? Is it because you missed the first few issues of 52, DC’s weekly comic series detailing the goings on in their meta universe, and now you can’t keep up with Batwoman and Donna Troy and…well you know we can’t keep up with it ourselves, but it is very exciting. ANYWAY, help it at hand: UGO is presenting the first five issues of 52 online for FREE. The first issue is up now.

Now, normally this kind of thing would send retailers into a frenzy, but DC already pledged not to reprint 52 during its print run. Certainly this is the first time they’ve done something like this, but the complex serial nature of 52 makes it a great marketing tool to help folks jump in.

And if you’re STILL confused after you read the actual issues, there is always Douglas Wolk’s indispensable 52 Pick-Up blog.