Live Blogging from San Diego!

OUR GLAMOUROUS SAN DIEGO: The Beat, Ian Brill, Laurel Maury and Calvin Reid hard at work on tomorrow’s edition of PW Comics Week. Sitting outside the press room. The cast of HEROES is awfully attractive. Tim Sale tells us he’s ghosting the artwork for the painter character on the show. The ladies room here smells […]

The Deepak and Grant Show

We missed the first part of this due to a scheduling mix-up, but the part we saw was probably the most intellectually trippy panel in San Diego History. “When conscioussness starts opening up, it terrifies people!” exclaimed one questioner excitedly. Chopra spoke about the transformation of the caterpillar to the butterfly through the “imaginal cells” […]

Day 1 Party Poop

A zillion parties were spread out across the city last night: CBLDF/Image/Suicide Girls, Friends of Lulu, Conan, Hasbro/Marvel, Circle of Confusion, Scholastic, Del Rey, Heavy Metal, and probably a few we’re forgetting. DC had a private luau. We hit Del Rey where we got to meet Stephen Woodworth, Elizabeth Bear and George RR Martin. Then […]

Day 1 – the Quickening

It’s big. Look at the size of that thing. That’s what every con virgin says when asked what they think of the show. We are in a scheduling rush right now, a few hours of free time spent talking to old friends like Scott Shaw! and Katie Merritt and John Layman and oh a whole […]

2006 Friends of Lulu Award Winners

The 2006 FoL awards were presented in a ceremony at the Bristol Hotel this evening. The winners are: WOMEN OF DISTINCTION AWARD: (Honoring women in the comic book industry in non-creator roles [editors, publishers, retailers].) Diana Shutz (Editor, Dark Horse) WOMEN CARTOONISTS HALL OF FAME: Roberta Gregory (Naughty Bits, Artistic Licentiousness) LULU of the YEAR: […]