A zillion parties were spread out across the city last night: CBLDF/Image/Suicide Girls, Friends of Lulu, Conan, Hasbro/Marvel, Circle of Confusion, Scholastic, Del Rey, Heavy Metal, and probably a few we’re forgetting. DC had a private luau. We hit Del Rey where we got to meet Stephen Woodworth, Elizabeth Bear and George RR Martin. Then it was off to the Lulu Awards where we presented the Women of Distinction award to the very deserving Diana Schutz. Then it was back to the Hyatt for the Heavy Metal party. None of the parties we were at seemed unbearably crowded, probably because everyone was so busy party hopping.

Can we just say that the Hyatt SUCKS TENNIS BALLS. The staff is rude, and seems resentful that we are here in every way. We’re in the old wing of the hotel, and compared to the other places we’ve been staying lately, with relaxa-beds and so on, it’s shabby and uncomfortable. Truly the lack of competition is breeding a very smug attitude here. When that Hard Rock opens, we’re all moving there STAT. Unless, of course, the sign is accurate and it’s going to be nothing but $400-a-night suites.


  1. I’m staying literally across the hall from the Heavy Metal party room and was terrified that, after 8 hours of hellish air travel, I was going to be up all night before my presentation here today (Friday). Have to say, the rooms are pretty sound proof and, if I didn’t have to be “on” today, I would have joined them.
    My experience with the Hyatt so far is really positive, BUT I got the clear impression that they think I’m a business traveller. Possibly because of my relatively late arrival and wearing a button-down dress shirt. But it’s interesting that we’re having such different experiences.

  2. George RR Martin huh? That musta been cool! I read a ton of those Wild Cards novels back in the day…ahhhh the parties. I hope you’re workin’ them for me Heidi! :P

  3. For a good hotel experience and nice rooms, try the Hilton Gaslamp. Its ultra convenient as well to pop into during the day.

  4. I like the Omni, it’s got everything – free wifi, a great pool/jacuzzi, and everyone here’s been really nice.

    I think the “400” on the Hard Rock sign is referring to the Hundreds of Thousands that the condo units will be selling for, not the price per night of hotel rooms. It will have both condos and hotel rooms.

    Personally, I wouldn’t want to live in a 400+ thousand dollar condo that was part of a Hard Rock hotel. Sounds like the neighbors might be a bit rambunctious.

  5. Well, you can probably guess my $64,000 question but I need to ask it anyway. Were there chocolate-covered strawberries at the Lulu party? I can’t imagine there not being…