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We missed the first part of this due to a scheduling mix-up, but the part we saw was probably the most intellectually trippy panel in San Diego History. “When conscioussness starts opening up, it terrifies people!” exclaimed one questioner excitedly.

Chopra spoke about the transformation of the caterpillar to the butterfly through the “imaginal cells” which mysteriously change the nature of the caterpillar. He compared the people at the convention to “imaginal cells of culture.”

“After the Age of Information comes the Age of Knowledge, then comes the Age of Wisdom,” he said.

For his part Morrison talked about the mythical basis of the great superheroes but allowed as “The moment we start worshipping superheroes is when we know we’ve got it wrong.”

The two made allusions to a dinner they’d had the night before, and we bet that was a pretty interesting dinner.

However, the headline from the talk, as our pal Douglas Wolk put it, was “Virgin and Morrison: just good friends.” Morrison’s DC Exclusive last for a few years yet, so don’t look for him to be writing any Virgin Comics any time soon, although there was some talk of projects in other media that might be possible.


  1. —“After the Age of Information comes the Age of Knowledge, then comes the Age of Wisdom,â€? he said.—

    Now, where have I heard that before? Hmm, oh, yes, such wonderful smart remarks were in every non-fiction book written within the late 19th century British Empire.

    Oh, and in the 1980s…and then again at the beginning of the bubble in the late 1990s. One really wishes those mystical “Chaka! You can do it!” people would brush up on their history.

  2. Chopra is a hustler. It’s really disheartening to see anyone anywhere giving the snake any creedence at all.

    For shame.