MUST VIEWING: Tintin and I airs tomorrow on PBS

Danish documentarian Anders Østergaard has made a documentary about Tintin and the worldwide influence of Hergé’s cartoon creation, entitled Tintin and I. It will air tomorrow night at 10 pm on PBS’s P.O.V. program. Click on the website link for all sorts of supplemental information, including interviews with folks like Chris Ware, Jessica Abel, Seth, […]

O.C.T. launch party pics

Diesel threw a launch party for 12 Gauge Comics O.C.T. last week, and a few pics have been posted of star Rosario Dawson, shown here with Uncle Gus. Nice top, Roasrio. More in link. BTW, If Dawson is going to be around the comics circuit, can she please bring her bf Jason “He-Man” Lewis along […]

NPR’s American Icons: Superman

Studio 360 is one of those Sunday morning NPR shows that takes in-depth and oh-so-smart looks at various pop culture topics. It’s hosted by novelist and former SPY magazine editor Kurt Anderson. This week’s show, which you can listen to online, looks at American Icons: Superman: We leap tall buildings in a single bound. Disguised […]

Anime industry roundtable

AnimeOnDVD reports on an interesting anime/manga industry roundtable from AX 2006. Charles Solomon quickly introduced the panelists and then quickly went into his first question / topic regarding the growth of the anime market. Matt Greenfield of ADV stated that the market is still growing and diversifying. He believes anime is not a genre but […]

Tony Millionaire on transforming autobiography

In an interview at SuicideGirls Tony Millionaire reveals the surprising autobiographical origins of BILLY HAZELNUTS, his phantasmagorical children’s book: DRE: What was the inspiration for Billy? TM: I wanted to do something that was kind of autobiographical because I was told that the best writing that you do is when you do about something that […]

Ritchie: Like a Virgin Comics

The UK Independent has news of a new addition to the Virgin Comics roster: The film director Guy Ritchie is joining forces with Sir Richard Branson to create a comic book with a view to turning it into a feature film. Virgin Comics is Sir Richard’s newest business venture and will launch its first title, […]

Filmic blockbuster news

The idea of M. Night Shyalaman directing a Harry Potter movie makes baby Jesus cry. There will apparently be a lot of wild characters in PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 3, as this casting notice posted at Jim Hill Media shows: PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 3 OPEN CALL Open Casting Call – Through 15 August 2006 […]

Adult Swim advertises SDCC

We were peacefully watching ADULT SWIM tonight when an ad for, believe it or leave, the ADULT SWIM booth and panels at the San Diego Comic-con came on. The ad consisted only of text and ironically sappy music, but mentioned both the booth # and the panel times and participants. This is the kind of […]