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Danish documentarian Anders Østergaard has made a documentary about Tintin and the worldwide influence of Hergé’s cartoon creation, entitled Tintin and I. It will air tomorrow night at 10 pm on PBS’s P.O.V. program. Click on the website link for all sorts of supplemental information, including interviews with folks like Chris Ware, Jessica Abel, Seth, Phoebe Gloeckner and Dan Clowes, and Jason Lutes on Hergé’s influence. Here’s Lutes:

Another thing Scott McCloud says about Hergé is that he created a world with “an equal democracy of form.” That is, regardless of whether it was Marlinspike Hall, a Chinese steam engine, or a Peruvian blanket, Hergé drew everything at the same level of detail. As an adult, I realize now that the way he rendered the world on the page has had an enormous effect on my own development as a cartoonist, beginning when I first read Cigars of the Pharaohs at age six.
We’ll be watching!


  1. I’m envious. I’m a HUGE Tintin fan. It’s the very same thing that drove me to do comics in the first place, and Cigars of the Pharaoh was the first adventure I read as well. We don’t have PBS here in our part of the world, but I hope to see it on video sometime in the future.