PIRATES II: The death of Hollywood

My one word review of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN’S CHEST: Exhausting. Not good. It was so not good that it made me wonder if we will ever see a great studio action movie again. Of course “great” is a relative term when PIRATES 2 has smashed SPIDER-MAN’s opening weekend box office record, and […]

Your feet will hurt

CCI ’06 floorplan is up. No Lucasfilms, or Paramount, but plenty of licensees, and a big Disney booth which, we hear, may have some nice Piratey displays. Also, comics. Also of note: Autographing Schedule Portfolio Review schedule

SDCC: Sunday is Funday

Sunday! Sponge Bob! Paul Dini! Ben Edlund! Arnold Drake! Adam Hughes! Nisha Gopalan! Gail Simone! Amber Tamblyn! Christopher Paolini! Raina Telgemeier! Billy West! Browncoats! Ramon Perez! Daleks! The Wang! This is distinctly a wind-down day, as club members rouse themselves from the drunken stupor of Saturday night and gather, and Children’s Day finds the sorry […]