CCI ’06 floorplan is up. No Lucasfilms, or Paramount, but plenty of licensees, and a big Disney booth which, we hear, may have some nice Piratey displays. Also, comics.

Also of note:

Autographing Schedule

Portfolio Review schedule


  1. I REALLY need to get to this next year and likely will finally. I always hear it is overwhelming and it looks to be so, judging by the map. But I have a question to all you who attend this thingy…

    Stars like John Favreau and Sam Jackson. While they’re there for their moevies etc promotion…are they available for fan’s photos and signatures? That is something that I always wondered about.

  2. Probably not re: Jackson, or at best there will be a short, limited access (say to people who win a lottery for tickets), autograph session sponsored by some company for celebrities at that level.

    My personal favorite SDCC stat, brought to mind by the floor plan. 52 aisles, each about 100 yards long. Just to walk straight down the center of each aisle, no weaving back and forth for closer looks, is a three mile walk.