200611011356Pitchfork interview Zak Sally, with news of his new projects and the publishing schedul for La Mano. including a recent distribution deal with SubPop Records (Before turning to cartooning/publishing, Sally was the bass player for the band Low, so he has lots of music connex.) and his latest publishing effort, the collection Wait, You’re Not a Centaur by artist/musician Nate Denver, and another collection by John Porcellino.

“I’m doing this on the most bare-bones level possible, and it just takes a ton of time and a ton of effort, so I’m just trying to split the difference between being a cartoonist and being a publisher. I don’t have any grand plans, it’s just people I know and friends of mine who trust me and I trust them. There’s not any kind of schedule.

“What I want to do is put out some beautiful things and establish some way that they can reach people in an honest way.”

On the artistic side of things, Sally is working on “this big long 250-300 page story about an alcoholic mouse and his alcoholic pals,” which he hopes to have finished by January. The book is going to be published by Fantagraphics as part of its Ignatz series. He’s also working on art for a forthcoming release by Ida Pearle.

We talked to Sally about this funny animal strip, which is called SAMMY THE MOUSE, a bit at SPX, and it sounds quite intriguing.