Some people coming and going over the last few weeks:

• Editor Janna Morishima is leaving Scholastic to take a job at Diamond working on a new initiative aimed at selling more graphic novels aimed at children. More on this soonish.

Jim Demonakos has left his post at Image as PR & Marketing Coordinator. He’ll be replaced by Mark Britt, who takes the post of Director of Marketing. We don’t know Britt personally, but he has a background as an art director. and, if it’s the same Mark Britt, is a Xeric Grant recipient.

David Seidman, who served as Claypool’s marketing director for years, has taken a similar position for NBM, and already our email box has been flooded with a number of informative and timely press releases.


  1. Yep, Janna is amazing. I think it’s a great sign that Diamond would hire someone like her to help shake up the sales of graphic novels for kids. Wish her well, everyone!