Young Frances is already in the running to be Graphic Novel of the Year. It collects the award-winning Pope Hats series by Hartley Lin (who wrote the comic under the pen name Ethan Rilly). It’s a beautifully drawn tale of millennial life, professional jealousy, road taken and not taken that’s timeless and yet true to our times. The good stuff.

AdHouse Books put out the collection, Young Frances a few weeks ago, but publisher  Chris Pitzer admits that he did not anticipate how much demand there would be for this collection a second printing is already on its way, for July delivery.

We weren’t really sure how many to print. Obviously, we love the work, but the comics never really sold all that well. So, when setting the print run, I thought we would have enough for the rest of the year. Boy, was I wrong!

I like first printings, so this is my telling the other collectors out there that the first printing is officially gone. If YOU want a first printing, hit up your LCS! You could try Amazon, but I don’t know how many they are getting.

(I have a few for HeroesCon and some online orders, but basically, all the copies we printed are going to our distributor, Hartley, and a book club.)

Our online sales should go live around 05/14/18. And if you are at TCAF this year, be sure to visit Hartley who will have copies for sale!

While a big print fun for Young Frances may seem like a no-brainer, it’s really cool that this book – which was serialized over a period of eight years (it debuted in 2009) – has found a much larger audience as a collection. Readers are ready for a big satisfying chunk of story and willing to wait. I expect before it’s done Young Frances may have even more than two printings!


  1. One thing worth noting about this book, it doesn’t include Pope Hats Issues #1 and #4. That fourth issue is an anthology comic that takes a break from the Frances storyline, but well worth checking out if you get the opportunity. The first issue is a little less refined, which is probably why it didn’t make the cut I guess, and includes a little ghost friend for Frances that never appears again. It’s a fun curiosity though.

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